Taco Bell Is Ditching Drive-Thru’s to Sell Alcohol in 350 New Restaurants

Fast-food is set open hundreds of redesigned cantinas in Nashville, New York, Pittsburgh and Detroit

By McKenna Aiello Sep 20, 2017 1:05 AMTags
Taco BellIllustration by Scott Olson/Getty Images

A celebratory toast is in order! Taco Bell is giving the people what they want. And that's beer and tacos. 

According to new reports, the fast-food chain has plans to open 350 "Cantina"-style locations over the next five years that will sell alcoholic beverages. As a result, T. Bell will have to do away with its drive-thru option at these new restaurants, but it's a small price to pay when a frozen margarita and Cheesy Gordita Crunch awaits. 

The redesigned dining option will serve hungry people in major cities such as Nashville, New York, Pittsburgh and Detroit. And great news for Taco Bell lovers in the Big Apple! More than 50 new locations will open in Manhattan alone. 

Taco Bell first announced its initiative to incorporate booze in 2015, starting with beer, wine, sangria and twisted Freezes. 

Taco Bell's 20 Craziest Items Ever

Then in 2016, the great minds at T.B. opened a Cantina flagship store in Las Vegas, and no surprise here, it's been a massive hit ever since. Dubbed the "Taco Bell of the future," this location offers movable tablets, digital menus, a unique tapas menu and giant TV's airing sports coverage and more. 

Let us know in the comments—Did your Taco Tuesday just improve tenfold?!

And while we're on the topic of T. Bell, check out their 19 wildest items of all time below. 

Kit-Kat Quesadilla

The chocolate-filled treat has been spotted at more than one location across the U.S.

Fiery Doritos Locos Tacos

The Doritos Locos Tacos are one thing, but things really kicked up a notch when Taco Bell added some fire into the mix. The taco, which came out in 2013, features a spicy chili-lime flavored red shell along with the standard seasoned ground beef, lettuce, and shredded cheddar. The Fiery Doritos Locos Taco Supreme has sold for a mere for $1.69. Talk about a fire sale!

Beefy 5-Layer Dip

That's a lot of layers of beef!

Beefy Fritos Burrito

It's a burrito with Fritos in it. Enough said.


One of the more famous and longtime mashups, the Taco Bell Enchirito, which was soft flour tortilla, filled with beef, beans and onions and topped with cheddar cheese and swimming in red sauce, was one of Taco Bell’s top items for decades, before it completely disappeared from menus in 2013.

Black Jack Taco

Black Jack Taco was a limited edition, Halloween-themed taco (note the spooky mist in the photo) that had a black taco shell filled with beef, Baja Sauce, lettuce and the three cheese blend. It came out in 2009 and has back for another All Hallows' Eve.

Jalapeno Popper Quesarito

There's so much going on here, it could be an episode of Game of Thrones!

Double Decker Supreme Taco

You knew that buses could be double decker, but did you know that tacos could be too? 

Crunchwrap Supreme

The crunchy, yet still soft and chewy Crunchwrap Supreme is folded goodness that goes straight to the gut.

Bacon Cheddar Gordita Crunch

Most people don't think bacon when they think of Mexican delights, but Taco Bell changed it all when they made put a crunch taco inside of a puff pastry and filled with bacon, cheese, beef and the stuff of dreams.

Cheesy Gordita Crunch

TB says that the Cheesy Gordita Crunch is "better than a rare comet" and we'll have to take their word on it.

7-Layer Burrito

Seven layers of hell? More like seven layers of burrito goodness! TB opted to take the famed Mexican dip and wrap it in a tortilla. 

Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco

What's the coolest taco in town? The Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco of course!


If a quesadilla married a burrito, their wedding hashtag would be #quesarito and that's just what T-Bell created—a mishmash of Mexican goodness.

Double Chalupa Taco

Who needs a single chalupa when you can bring home a double dose of fun with a Double Chalupa Taco, around for a limited time only.

Naked Chicken Chips

What's a Chicken Chip? It's merely a basket of golden brown, crispy, triangular bite-size, slices of fried chicken that comes with the perfect addition, a Nacho Cheese Sauce. The item was only around briefly in 2017, but if you were on the anti-diet diet, this item was definitely for you!

Cheetos Burrito

What's your favorite burrito been missing? CHEETOS! This short-lived fever dream debuted in Cincinnati, Ohio last August and consisted of Taco Bell's traditional burrito, cheese, rice and meat, but it's additionally stuffed with Cheetos. The item was sold for $1. What a steal!  

Naked Chicken Chalupa

Earlier this year, TB debuted the taco where the shell was chicken and the chicken was the shell. Sadly these aren't available any more. 

Firecracker Burrito

Will this explode in your stomach? Probably! So what's in this sure-to-cause-alarm burrito? The answer is: ground beef, rice, nacho cheese, sour cream, spicy sauce and crunchy red strips—and a peppery version of what tastes and acts like Pop Rocks. The burrito came in Popping Cheesy for $1.99 and Popping Spicy for $2.49. A small price to pay for the fireworks show in your stomach! 

Airheads White Mystery Freeze

TB brought an air of mystery with this delectable frozen dessert.

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