Anthony Anderson Took Over Giuliana Rancic's Job at the Emmys and Gave Laverne Cox a Huge Surprise

The Black-ish star grabbed the mic to interview Laverne Cox.

By Seija Rankin Sep 17, 2017 10:48 PMTags
Watch: Anthony Anderson Really Wants Laverne Cox on "Black-ish"

Anthony Anderson may have just auditioned to host E! News. And, we have to say that he totally nailed it.

The Black-ish star had just wrapped up his own interview with Giuliana Rancic, in which he reflected back on his life before he was an Emmy-nominated actor (and also had a good laugh about some very interesting wallpaper choices at his old house in Compton). None other than Laverne Cox was making her way up to the podium when Anderson decided that he wanted to take a turn in the hot seat. 

Either that or he thought that Giuliana might need a break. 

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Anthony started off with a very hard-hitting question: Wondering why Cox had never guest-starred on Black-ish. "Are you that busy?" he joked. 

And Laverne had just as hard-hitting an answer for him. 

"I've not been invited, darling," she said cooly. "I would love to come join you."

Anthony continued his journalistic endeavors, as Giuliana decided to take a load off and, well, sit down for a second. Don't ever tell her she doesn't know how to take a break. The two TV stars chatted everything from Cox's new jewelry collection to Anderson's Tom Ford tie. And, yes, he made sure to ask who she was wearing (that would be Naeem Kahn). 

Eventually Anderson decided to give the microphone back to Giuliana and relinquish the podium, allowing the two women to reminisce over the perfectly only-at-the-Emmys scene that just played out. And, in keeping with the E! News theme of pulling out old photos, Rancic made sure to ask Cox about her time in front of the camera for the Ivy Park campaign, which featured her in some very athletic positions. 

"I can still do the splits," Cox exclaimed. "I have to stretch a little bit." 

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