Riverdale Gets Darker and The Flash Is Reborn in Awesome New CW Trailers

We're just here to freak out over some new promos for CW shows and we'd love for you to join us

By Lauren Piester Sep 13, 2017 5:27 PMTags

Is it October yet?! 

Fall weather, Halloween, and CW shows are really all we want right now, especially after viewing some of the newest trailers for shows like Riverdale and The Flash. We may just be dorks who really like well-done trailers, but we actually have chills. Way to go, CW marketing department, for really upping your game this year. 

First, let's discuss this Riverdale promo, which directly addresses that cliffhanger at the end of season one, where Fred (Luke Perry) had been shot in the diner by a mysterious masked man. Now, the gun is pointed directly at Archie's (KJ Apa) head, and that poor puppy of a boy looks terrified

Then of course there's Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch), following who we presume to be her mother as she's wheeled into a hospital room on a gurney, and Veronica's (dad has arrived, and it appears there's a wedding at which Veronica is a bridesmaid and Archie's mom (Molly Ringwald) is winking. 

Plus, Bughead is making out! Varchie appears to be having shower sex! The wait for October 11 is going to be painful! 

2017 Fall TV Spoiler-rama

On The Flash, it looks like it doesn't take all that long to get Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) back from the Speedforce (to which he sacrificed himself to save Central City), but he doesn't look good. Well, he looks good, but he doesn't seem to be the Barry we all know and love. He seems confused, and something is wrong with his eyes, but as the promo promises...a hero is reborn. 

It also appears that Iris (Candice Patton) gets taken, or something happens to Iris that causes Joe (Jesse L. Martin) to look up at the sky and scream, "Iris!" and that's not cool, but we're just going to assume she makes it out OK. 

Supergirl also released a new promo for season three, which looks just as badass as ever (and has Lena possibly calling Kara out for lying to her?). 

While there are still a lot of shows we're waiting on trailers for (Hello, Arrow and Legends, where are you?), the CW also released one big trailer for all of the DC superhero shows. And we will fully admit we've watched it like five times, just because it's so good. 

Another The Vampire Diaries Spinoff? Where's the Charmed Reboot? And More The CW News

And speaking of so good, please watch the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend promo below for a taste of what happens when you leave Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom) at the altar. 

To quote Taylor Swift and also the top comment on that Youtube video, "Sorry, the old Rebecca can't come to the phone right now... Why? Cause she's dead!" 

Anyway, as we said, October needs to get here now

CW Fall Premiere Dates: 

Monday, Oct. 9
8 p.m.: Supergirl, 9 p.m.: Valor*

Tuesday, Oct. 10
8 p.m.: The Flash, 9 p.m.: DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Wednesday, Oct. 11
8 p.m.: Riverdale, 9 p.m.: Dynasty*

Thursday, Oct. 12
8 p.m.: Supernatural, 9 p.m.: Arrow

Friday, Oct. 13
8 p.m.: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, 9 p.m.: Jane the Virgin

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