Property Brothers' Drew Scott and Pro Partner Emma Slater Dish on DWTS Rehearsals

HGTV star says his partner keeps injuring him with her unruly locks

By Meg Swertlow Sep 13, 2017 2:33 AMTags
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Property Brothers star and Dancing With the Stars season 25 contestant Drew Scott and his pro partner Emma Slater certainly know how to have a fast-moving interview!

The quick nature of the catch-up with E! News may be because the two have a fiery banter between them that can't be tamed, or because the sit-down happened on Drew and his brother Jonathan Scott's tour bus between stops on their HGTV Presents The Scott Brothers House Party Fall Tour.

From Emma's first impression of her new partner to what Drew loves most about his twin and even details on HGTV stars' newly released memoir, It Takes Two: Our Story, the three stars had a lot to dish about during the fun-filled, multiple-part interview, which includes some behind-the-scenes photos from life on tour!

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During the trip, Drew and Emma divulged how rehearsals are going while on the road and when they're only getting three or four hours of sleep. Spoiler alert: it's going kind of awkward!

Drew joked, "In all of our dancing so far, we've been going for about a week in practice, there's only one injury that has happened multiple times and its not me injuring her, it's the tip of her hair whipping me in the eyeball."

The 39-year-old HGTV star joked, "I'm going to lose an eye." Drew added, "If nothing else we are here to entertain you when watching the premiere!"

The candid Canadian also revealed whether or not he thinks his brother is jealous of his ballroom blitz and explained how his body is responding to the grueling dance schedule.

Listing off parts of his body that he felt sore, Drew said, "I am hurting in places I didn't even know I had muscles!"


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In another segment, when asked about what he valued most about his brother, Drew said, "I would say it's Jonathan's giving nature with all friends and family. I like that he's always there to support. He will put everyone before himself."

Jonathan quickly chimed in with his own words of praise about his brother. "I like that Drew is very confident. He's the guy that will walk into a room and introduce himself to everybody and I think that confidence is something that can relate to anything in business."

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