Of all the life goals you Outlander fans have accomplished —you know, graduating college, having kids, resisting the last chip in the bag, winning the Nobel prize, etc.—it's safe to say that we all have a new Most Proud Moment of All Time.

It is this moment. Well, this Sunday night's moment. The moment we can all proclaim loudly to the world:


You guys, we did it.

I'm so proud of you and I'm so proud of me. But mostly I'm really proud of me because I was pretty sure I'd be heavily medicated and living in a padded cell by now.

It was 14 long-ass months waiting for season three, and all kidding aside, I have watched the first six episodes and can tell you, they do not disappoint. Outlander remains beautifully shot and deeply engaging television.

To celebrate, it's time to share with you some hard-hitting interviews* I did with the cast, as we took a deep dive into season three and its three intriguing couples. (*Mostly games and giggles.)

In case you didn't know, for the first handful of episodes of season three, based on the book Voyager, Jamie and Claire take a major backseat—a k a aren't even living in the same century, and can't even sext through the stones. 

It's all about Frank (Tobias Menzies) being with Claire (Caitriona Balfe). And Jamie (Sam Heughan) not being with Claire. And Claire and Jamie's daughter Brianna (Sophie Skelton) meeting her own apparent soul mate: Roger (Richard Rankin).

And behind the scenes, since Sam and Cait spent much time apart, it begs the question: Which couple knows each other best?

I had previously played "Who Knows Who Better?" with Cait and Sam—who was, at the time of these interviews, off "doing lunges around the world," according to Cait (he was shooting a movie, but we've all seen that Men's Health cover, and surely he doesn't have time to merely walk any more). 

Watch the videos below for some laughs and surprises, including a highly educational demonstration of the "Granddad Dance," the "Little Baby Bear Dance" and an Irish booty that does not twerk.

In case it isn't obvious (it's not), here are the official results of the "Who Knows Who Best?" game:

3rd Place: Cait and Tobias. 8 points total. (However, let the record show that Tobias scored twice as many points as Sam.) 

2nd Place: Cait and Sam. 10 points. (Cait knows a lot about Sam and scored 8 points!)

1st Place: Richard and Sophie. 16 points. (They also fully cheated through the entire thing, but adorably so, eh, who cares?)

And here's a side by side comparison of each couple's incredible dance moves, that I could watch until the end of time...YOU be the judge of who would win Dancing With the Outlander Stars. (A series the world needs.)

Outlander Gifs

E! News

Outlander Gifs

E! News

Outlander Gifs

E! News

As for how Cait, Tobias, Sophie and Richard feel about their on-screen relationships—and you, the fans, watch these videos below...

Enjoy the premiere, fellow Droughtlander survivors! As always, most happy to be in your company.

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