Zayn Malik and Jemima Kirke Star in Music Video for His New Song "Dusk Till Dawn" Featuring Sia

Watching this mini film of the former One Direction band member will get your heart pumping

By Elyse Dupre Sep 07, 2017 3:53 PMTags

Zayn Malik continues to further his career as a solo artist.

The former One Direction band member released a song with Sia today called "Dusk Till Dawn." He also co-stars in the music video along with Girls' Jemima Kirke. 

In the music video, Malik and Kirke play a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde. The video shows each one walking with a mysterious suitcase, but the police are onto them. The cops end up catching Malik and bringing him in. And just when it seems like it's over for Z, the police open the suitcase and find nothing but clothes inside.

Mind blown.

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The music video then cuts to Kirke opening the desired suitcase in a motel. The cops check Malik's tattoos to see if they match the photos of the tattoos they have on file for the real criminal. But as the video cuts back to a closeup of Kirke's wrist, it becomes clear that she's the one they're really looking for.

So good!

Malik is set free and immediately jumps in his car to reach Kirke before the cops do. The video shows Kirke in a house watching the news as she takes off her disguise. Then, before a few officials arrive, Malik calls the police and lights a fuse that connects to a whole bathtub of mini explosives.

Yes, a whole bathtub.

But it's not over yet! A few officials enter the house and start looking for Malik and Kirke. However, they soon discover that the two have escaped through a secret tunnel hidden underneath a rug.

Just then, three more police cars pull up to the scene and the mini explosives start to go off, giving the impression that the duo is inside firing shots. So, the police outside start firing back at the house and the officers inside duck for cover.

The music video ends with Kirke driving Malik in the getaway car with the suitcase in the backseat.

Is your heart pumping yet? If you can handle it, check out the video to see the whole story and hear the song. It already had more than 488,400 views at the time of this writing. 

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