5 Modeling Tricks We Learned From Kendall Jenner's Ippolita Campaign

Watch the pro show us how it's done in this exclusive, behind the scenes video

By Diana Nguyen Sep 06, 2017 2:35 PMTags
Watch: Kendall Jenner Is Stunning in New Ippolita Campaign

It's a busy time for Kendall Jenner.

Between fashion month, Keeping Up With the Kardashian's 10-year anniversary and her multiple brand campaigns (La Perla! Estée Lauder!), the 21-year-old model is showing us she's more than a pretty face.

In fact, as fine jewelry label Ippolita's latest creative collaborator, Kendall lends a fresh perspective to the brand's fall 2017 collection. Not to mention, we're getting a glimpse of what it really takes to be a supermodel fronting a luxury campaign photo shoot (photographed by artist Ryan McGinley). Watch the exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage above to see five lessons Kendall Jenner teaches us about modeling. You know…should you ever land your own major gig.

Kendall Jenner's Street Style
Kendall Jenner x IPPOLITA

Minute Mark 00:00:14: Learn how to gracefully flip your hair without straining your neck. Don't just move your head; keep your body relaxed and loose—it's that whole range of motion thing. Think: more lyrical dancing; less fist pumping.

Minute Mark 00:00:17: Layering is all about balance. If you have a wrist-full of gold and diamond bangles on, keep plenty of space between your layered necklaces, so it doesn't look like your whole jewelry box is piled on you.

Minute Mark 00:00:26: If you're being shot from the waist upward, it doesn't matter what you wear on bottom. If you're on the beach, do as Kendall did and wear rain boots to jaunt across the sand. If it's chilly and you're wearing a slip dress, wear a jacket around your waist so when there's a break, you can immediately put something warm on.

Kendall Jenner x IPPOLITA

Minute Mark 00:00:31: Always stand with your back facing the onslaught of smoke, you'll instantly look mysterious and sultry. Just don't get too close!

Minute Mark 00:0034: If you're on a cold set—or just camping—hug a rubber bottle filled with hot water. Your body will thank you. 

Call us when you get your next big break. 

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