Zara, of All Places, Has the Best Hair Trick

Wrapping your ponytail with a scarf is a thing now

By Alanah Joseph Aug 31, 2017 8:07 PMTags
ESC: Ponytail Scarf Wrap

The Zara accessories page didn't seem like a place for beauty inspiration...until today.

While perusing the site for fall accessories, we stumbled upon a hidden gem: the scarf-wrapped ponytail. The brand transformed the timeless accessory into a trend worthy of the runway. Wrapped around a ponytail, the silk scarf actually looks cool and effortless, like the next It Girl hair trend. And, we're sure that it will catch on, as it turns any basic ponytail into a stop-and-stare look, without requiring much time or effort—a fashion lover's dream. 

Just before New York Fashion Week kicks off, get ahead of the trend and recreate the look! You'll want to start with a monotoned or two-toned ensemble and a multi-colored or patterned scarf (if you really want your ponytail to standout). Then, follow the steps below! 

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Step 1: Fold a square-shaped scarf in half, bring diagonal ends together, resulting in a triangle.

Step 2: From the top of the triangle, fold the cloth over in two or three inch portions. After four or five folds, you'll be left for a long line.

Step 3: Create a ponytail and secure it with a headband.

Step 4: Wrap one of the ends of the scarf around the base of the ponytail and secure with a bobby pin.

Step 5: Twist your hair and the scarf together.

Step 6: Secure the end with a hair band.

Step 7: Wrap the remainder of the scarf around end of the ponytail, then tuck the end into the hair band.

Need a scarf? Check out of favorites below! 


Striped Scarf, $12.90

Paul Smith

Women's Multi-Colour 'Swirl' Silk Square Scarf, $250


Woven Scarf, $12.99

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Silk Bandana, $35

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Leclaire Silk Scarf, $141

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Street style-worthy hair has never been more simple.

Model's scarf: Zara Floral Print Scarf, $12.90

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