Justin Bieber Reaches 100 Million Twitter Followers: A History of His Most Controversial and Ridiculous Tweets

Pop star is now the second most followed person on the social media platform behind Katy Perry

By McKenna Aiello Aug 31, 2017 8:03 PMTags

Justin Bieber loves Twitter. Like really loves Twitter. 

Over the years, it's become the pop star's go-to social media platform for sounding off on any and all topics that come to his mind. Seriously, if you've ever wondered what's going on in Justin's head all day, just scroll back to 2009 when he first joined Twitter. It's a bit odd, sometimes confusing but mostly hilarious all at the same time. 

And today, the "What Do You Mean?" singer hit 100 million Twitter followers, making him the second most followed person behind Katy Perry. (She's got 103 million.) Taylor SwiftRihanna and Lady Gaga round out the top five with 85.5 million, 76.9 million and 69.5 million, respectively. 

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He's yet to comment on reaching 100 million, but Twitter is celebrating the Biebs' impressive milestone with his very own emoji that can be unlocked when fans tweet #100MBeliebers.

Don't belieb us when we say Justin's Twitter presence is the account that deserves a follow ASAP? Check out 10 of his wackiest, most ridiculous and controversial tweets that prove why so many can't get enough of his antics on a daily basis. 

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