Hurricane Harvey Prevented This Dad From Flying Home, So He Crashed His Daughter's First Day of School

Twitter is having a total field day with this embarrassing moment

By McKenna Aiello Aug 30, 2017 7:55 PMTags

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. 

Twitter user Omete Anassi's father definitely had that mindset when Hurricane Harvey delayed his travel plans after dropping his daughter off at graduate school for the semester. So instead of complaining to the airline or hightailing it back home via rental car, he decided to stop by her very first lecture of the year at The New School in New York City. Can you imagine the embarrassment?! 

Twitter is having a total field day with this now-viral moment, which all started with their dad sending an in-class selfie to the family group text. His daughter Kerubo chimes in, "Get out before we start please!" followed by "Go" and "Mommy come get him." 

This dad didn't just pop into introduce himself to the professor and go on his merry way, though. He actually stayed for the entirety of the class and had a chance to check out the course guidelines and schedule.  

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A completely embarrassed Kerubo then texts, "Seriously he needs to leave now he's stayed for the intro and has a syllabus... And he won't leave... He's distracting me."

Of course, the student's brother couldn't resist blasting it out on social media, tweeting, "My pops can't fly back to Houston cause of the hurricane so he going to grad school with my sister. she pissed."


And as it turns out, other collegians are going through similar situations because of the tropical storm that has devastated the Houston, Tex. area. 

Nicole Zimmerer responded to Omete's tweet, writing, "LITERALLY SAME. My mom was supposed to leave but she can't" alongside a photo of the pair sipping a glass of wine in bed. 

Like we said, making lemons out of lemonade!


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