Sorry, the old "Look What You Made Me Do" music video can't come to the phone right now. Why? Because she's dead...Thanks to Spencer Pratt's spoof.

OK, so we really liked Taylor Swift's new music video with all of its Easter eggs and shady symbolism, but we have to admit the Hills star got us laughing pretty hard.

Pratt decided to play off all the hype surrounding the pop star's new vid, making his own version that came complete with some interesting dance moves, hummingbirds, nectar-making, dogs and crystals (of course).

Oh, lest we forget, it also featured giant portraits of him and Heidi Pratt hanging in their kitchen...Classic.

But even more interesting than all the hidden gems in Spencer's spoof is the fact that he seemingly took all these videos over several days during various outings and activities—walking his dogs, making food, drinking coffee and so on and so forth.

He even made a video of Heidi dancing along to it!

In other words, Spencer has likely listened to "Look What You Made Me Do" more than you, me and majority of the population...In fact, he's got to be one of the big reasons Swift broke streaming records on Spotify (but don't you dare think about taking credit for making that bitch famous, Spencer!).

For all these reasons, we dub him Spencer: The Swiftie King.

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