90210 Spinoff Secrets Revealed

By Kristin Dos Santos Mar 19, 2008 8:12 PMTags
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It's really happening, and it's happening at warp speed. That's what inside sources reveal about the CW's Beverly Hills, 90210 remake.

We've checked in with sources to dig up some exclusive info on the project—the timing, the characters, the premise and more. So slap on your best acid-wash jeans and fluorescent banana clip and keep reading for the goods...

According to CW insiders, Rob Thomas’ outline has already been written and delivered, but the pilot script is expected on Monday, if not before the end of the week. The CW will most likely fast-track the series for fall. In fact, producers have been given just two weeks to cast it, and yes, that process will probably include the hiring of a couple of old 90210 favorites!

Tori Spelling and Ian Ziering have already said they'd be happy to come on board. And word is, Mark Piznarski, who directed the Veronica Mars pilot (and inspired Chris Lowell’s character, Piz) will helm the first episode.

As for the characters:

  • The "Jim Walsh":  Harry Mills is a teacher who has a real do-gooder way about him and is considered the “cool parent.” Sounds a little more like Sandy Cohen than Jim Walsh, actually.
  • The "Cindy Walsh":  Celia Mills gets work as a personal trainer in Beverly Hills, where she likely interacts with many a guest star. She usually plays the disciplinarian role in the family.
  • The "Brenda Walsh":  Annie Mills is into theater acting, just like her predecessor. But instead of "Color Me Badd," she’s listening to emo bands. She yearns to fit in with the alternative crowd but leans a lot on her adopted brother, Dixon, too.
  • The "Brandon Walsh":  Dixon Mills was taken in by the family about six years ago and has grown close to his adopted sister, though she originally didn’t want him around. He’s very bright, driven and well adjusted, but when in foster care, he definitely had the Ryan Atwood gene, getting into fights weekly. They’re looking for a minority—black or mixed race—for this role.

  • The "Kelly Taylor":  Daphne Silver's character goes simply by “Silver” (so you know who she's related to, right?) and has a popular YouTube series à la LonelyGirl15 (in a bikini). She and Annie become fast friends, and she pines for Annie’s brother, Dixon, hoping to be the first Jewish girl at Beverly Hills High with a black boyfriend.

  • The Newbies:  Navid, the Persian kid, is the executive producer of BHHS’s television newscast. Forget the Blaze, it’s all about TV journalism now. He’s a total politician and can fit in with every group in school. Meanwhile, Ethan Ward is the dim-witted popular boy who falls from grace when his bitchy and spoiled girlfriend, Naomi, destroys his reputation at her Sweet 16 party in the pilot. His attention will soon turn to Annie.

Instead of the Peach Pit, the kids hang out at the Silver Screens Theater (yes, owned by Silver’s family) in the Century City mall, where Annie gets a job as a concessionaire. (Shades of Fast Times, no?) Max, Silver’s 24-year-old brother, runs the place, and we soon realize he’s hiding a secret...something about their missing parents.

So...thoughts? Comment below. Sad to not see more tie-ins with the original 9-0 crew? Here's hoping that Daphne Silver has a cousin named Erin, half sister of David Silver and Kelly Taylor, who often stops by to say "What up?"...

—Reporting by Korbi Ghosh

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