Halle Berry may be an Oscar-winning actress but she still fears for her children the way every parent does.

While sitting down with E! News, she explained what steps she's taking currently to ensure that her two children are able to thrive in a safer, better world.

"If I really set my mind to making change for my children, I can," the Kidnap star says. In 2013 Berry and fellow actress Jennifer Garner worked to get a bill passed that would restrict paparazzi access to celebrity children. "I never thought I could do that," she says despite the fact that "other celebrities said ‘don't.'" 

The bill made it so that fines would increase up to $10,000 and jail time would be a penalty for paparazzi if they harassed children of celebrities. Berry hopes to continue to make the world a better place for her children and others. "I am strong enough to affect change," she says strongly.

Although she has concerns as a celebrity mother, she shares the concerns of everyday mothers as well. "There's fears as a mom that I'll make a mistake." She admits that she's worried her children will go to therapy in a couple of years and talk about her as a source of their problems.

"I hope that along the way I don't do anything that's too damaging to my children that they won't be able to deal with," Berry confesses.

But will her daughter, Nahla Ariela Aubry, who is the same age as Sage Correa—the young actor that plays Berry's abducted son in the film—see the movie? She already has! 

The actress claims that it's important for kids to see the film as a warning against kidnappers. "If they can handle it, they need to see it."

One thing you shouldn't expect to see in the future, is Aubry following in mom's footsteps. "She doesn't want to be in movies or do what I do," Berry jokes.

Kidnap is set to hit the big screen on Aug. 4.

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