Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer Reunite With a Special Guest—Woody Harrelson!

Celebrity BFFs reemerge in a photo together

By Samantha Schnurr Jul 10, 2017 6:50 PMTags

Just when we thought we had to bid farewell to these Hollywood BFFs, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer re-emerge. 

It's been months since fans last caught a glimpse of the award-winning stars in the same room together, but the famous faces quelled any concerns about the status of their friendship when they posed for a "sisters" shot together—with new squad member Woody Harrelson

The trio smiled for the group photo as Harrelson wrapped his arms around the ladies. Later, Schumer and Harrelson popped up on stage at New York City's famed Comedy Cellar. "Magic," the Trainwreck star called their appearance. While only a lucky few got to be in the room with the comic duo, fans everywhere can enjoy the new Instagram evidence that one of Hollywood's favorite friendships is alive and well. 


After a summer vacation together, crashing Billy Joel's stage in concert and some complimentary interviews back in 2015, the gal pals made a memorable splash on the Golden Globes stage in 2016 as co-presenters. 

However, many busy months later, the women had not been seen out together and the Internet noticed, of course. "My brother asked me the other day, 'Everybody online thinks you and Amy [Schumer] aren't friends anymore,'" Lawrence told Vanity Fair in November 2016. "And I said, 'Oh, really, because everything online is always true.'" 

Thanks to this new photo, fans can rest easy. Now, the wait is on for that movie they wrote together. As Schumer told USA Today"We wrote it and we're just trying to find a window when we're both free."

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