June 2017 Horoscopes: It's Time to Change (Your Circumstances and Your Clothes)

The stars are aligned for new beginnings and a new wardrobe!

By Alanah Joseph Jun 01, 2017 11:04 AMTags
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Stop and take a breath.

Sensing the potential for real progress? This month, work ethic and a dream may be just what you need to turn your fantasies into a reality. With Mars close to the Sun, you may be fast to change things up. That's because, according to spiritual advisor Lisa Greenfield, June is the month to take a big step and believe in yourself.

Confidence is this month's secret to success. Ready to bet on yourself?

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If the answer is "yes," you may need a little push to get things started. A show-stopping purse or epic dress can be the motivation you need. Keep scrolling to see what this month has in store for your horoscope! 


Even though school is out, it's time to put your thinking cap on. With Uranus offering insight into the unknown, be sure to ask questions, fact check and piece together a much bigger piece of the pie. You will be glad you did. Put your observer eyes on, with some fabulous shades like Emily Ratajkowski's to help take it all in.

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The good news is you've got a lot of confidence to rely on this month. Bad news: You're going to need it. Uranus is going to give you a fresh start, and although it may be great opportunity, you're likely to feel panic at first. Leave that cozy little nest you've been comfortably tucked up in for way too long, and put on something that shows off your strong and feminine side, like Priyanka Chopra's belted skirt.

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You have an exciting choice ahead of you! If you are single, get ready for a hot hook up. If you make them earn it, you may have more than a few nights of passion. Partnered up? A vacation (or even a staycation) will really heat things up. You're bringing sexy back and doing it in style. Pick your favorite show-stopping outfit, per Karlie Kloss's high slit sundress, and wait for the pheromones to summon the crowd.


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My structured Virgo, you are going to have to color outside the lines this month. Do it in bold, geometric style like Michelle Williams. You are meant to be a little more fearless when it comes to taking risks and handling the outcomes. Fight the urge to do it ‘right' and see what happens. With the right attitude, you can really enjoy everything that comes out of it.


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My balanced one, Venus opposite your Sun sign promises to greatly reward you. Abundance overload can be an uptown problem to have, right? Make sure to stay present when the good fortune, fun and fame arrives. Emotions can go numb when you have so much at one time, which is why it helps to have your trusted buddies to celebrate it with you. Dress up and go out to celebrate in style like Hilary Duff!

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Although you are dark and dreamy, you require softness and kindness this month. Self-love can go a long way for single Scorpios. Channel your inner fire into your wardrobe with some smoldering hot looks. Ashley Graham does it perfectly with a silky dress that begs to be touched. Slowly, slowly turn up the heat and by month's end, you can let the volcano go.


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Your mind may be on overdrive this month, thanks to the lightning bolts from Uranus. Don't let your inner critic get in the way of all of the new ideas swirling around. Instead, feel your way through choices without overthinking it. Like Rita Ora, pick out some standout shoes that can hold stage with anything. Your intuition won't steer you wrong, trust it.

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My grounded goat, you are going to get some curve balls thrown your way this month. Good news: your intuition wants to get in on the party. Watch for fun signs and wild coincidences that aren't so coincidental. Channel your inner wise woman with something effortlessly cool like Kate Bosworth's ankle boots.


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As the familiar slips away, good news comes with some new exciting options, thanks to Uranus. Change can bring challenges, so don't be surprised if it feels a bit chaotic this month. This doesn't mean you've screwed up, this is just a test to show that you may have more to offer then you knew. Pick up something special to wear, like Kelly Rowland's colorful two-piece. It's time to celebrate this turn of fortune in a style that carries you through any little hiccups.


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You've got to get out of your comfort zone! You may be surprised at how much fun you have stretching into the unfamiliar.  With Sun square your Sun, change is a must.  Time for new digs, new clothes and in some cases, even new friends.  You are more ready than you realize. By July, you're getting standing ovations for your courage—so go for it like Rihanna with a brave, shoulder-baring look!


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It's Ram season! Watch for opportunities coming your way. For single rams, you'll have more than a few invites for romance. For coupled up rams, there's lots of love to go around. The challenge with all of this abundance: finding a good pace. The right sneakers (See: Jamie Chung) might help!

Keep your focus in front of you, while enjoying a life of luxury, love and enjoyment.

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Your hard work doesn't go unnoticed this month. Now, facing your fears promises great rewards. Word of caution: Establish healthy habits as your reap the benefits. A healthy lifestyle will bring comfort in the (possibly rocky) months ahead. Once you've done that, indulge, indulge, indulge in a sensory feast and add a satchel purse big enough to hold all those goodies, like Karrueche Tran.


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Change is on the horizon! 

Happy styling, star-studded shoppers!

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