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Mitchell Haaseth, Greg Gayne / NBC

Great news, kids. Inside sources tell me two of my new faves, Chuck and Life, have both gotten "back nine" orders from NBC, meaning when the strike ends they'll get full seasons!

Now, what does this delicious news mean in the grand scheme of things?

Well, about a month ago, I heard from a source very close to Chuck that the network was not going to pick it up until after the strike was over. Talks resumed today, and rumor has it things are looking very positive. Could the bosses over at the Peacock net know something good about the strike ending sometime soon? Let's hope so!

Also, what about NBC's other freshman shows? Sadly, it seems like Journeyman will only finish 12 episodes before going off into that good night. And Bionic Woman? Well, despite everyone's highest hopes, it continues to struggle, and today, a blogger reported that Katee Sackhoff has left that building...

What do you guys think? Should Journeyman and Bionic Woman also get full-season pickups? Or are you just so happy about more Chuck and Life that all the other shows don't matter? Post your thoughts in the Comments section!

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