Brad Pitt Answers Stephen Colbert's "Big Questions" in Hilarious Late-Night TV Return

Actor brings the humor while appearing in a sketch for the Late Show With Stephen Colbert

By Mike Vulpo May 17, 2017 4:21 AMTags

Brad Pitt is ready to have some fun again on late-night TV.

After a string of personal, candid interviews with various outlets following his public divorce from Angelina Jolie, the actor decided to lighten the mood with a fun appearance on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

During a segment called "Big Questions With Even Bigger Stars," late-night host Stephen Colbert took a seat next to Brad to discuss some deep, philosophical questions.

What came next was a light-hearted sketch and a reminder of how close these two stars are.

"Hey Stevie-C, Do you think mathematics are the underlying structure of the universe, or did we just invent it?" Brad asked the late-night host.

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"Whoa. Blew my mind, Brad. I'm not sure if numbers are the underlying reality," Stephen replied. "But one thing is absolutely true: You're a solid eight."

Soon after, Brad couldn't help but break out of character and let out a few laughs. "You're sweet," he replied. "Thanks, thanks."

The self-deprecating jokes only continued as Brad poked fun at some of his recent movies. "Is it possible to describe infinity?" Stephen asked. "Yes. Yes, it is," Brad replied. "It's one less than the number of Ocean's sequels we're going to make."

Speaking of projects, Brad made his appearance to support War Machine premiering next Friday on Netflix. Along the way, he made Gina Rodriguez's day by snapping for a photo backstage.

"Prom Pic with Brad Pitt," she wrote on Instagram before the show aired. "No biggie. Catch us tonight on @colbertlateshow."

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. on CBS.

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