10 Signs That Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell Were Totally Over Before Their Split Announcement

The writing was on the wall that this reality star couple's days were numbered

By Meg Swertlow May 16, 2017 1:47 AMTags

News may have hit earlier today that engaged Bachelor stars Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell had split, but if you'd looked at their social media pages, the writing's been on the wall (or the post) for a while...

For months, the couple had been plagued with breakup rumors, but Ben insisted they were still very much a couple. However, it's clear on first glance at their Instagram accounts that things were not paradise between this bachelor and his bachelorette.

Let's take a stroll through Instagram lane and get an eyeful of the breakup in the making...

1. Lauren's Been Spending Time With Her Single Bachelor Nation Pals...

She's been hanging out with Amanda Stanton, who just had a nasty breakup with Josh Murray. Recently single gals love to hang out with other recently single gals...

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2. Lauren's Been Ramping Up the Workouts Recently...

Suddenly working out a ton? We all know that's never a great sign for someone in a happy relationship. People tend to deal with breakup stress by hitting the gym. Is that why Lauren's exercise routine amped up in the past few weeks?


3. Ben Wasn't At Lauren's Birthday Party...

It's never a positive sign when you have a birthday bash and your fiancé isn't there.


4. ...Either of Them.

Looks like someone wasn't welcome at either of Lauren's birthday events—this one being an entire birthday trip that Ben was absent from. Not good. Not. Good.


5. Lauren's Been Posting Depressing Quotes on Insta...

It's never a healthy sign of a stable relationship when a lady takes to Instagram to post sad quotes. (BTW: Inspiration quotes aren't usually a great sign either.) The Great Gatsby writer's not really known for his happy tales of romance, so seeing that may have clued followers in on Lauren's possibly not-so-joyful state of mind.


6. Lauren Literally Called the Relationship "Rocky"...

Once again, she literally called their relationship "rocky" in Ben's birthday post less than two months ago. When you're calling out the flaws in your relationship on your hubby-to-be's birthday, your situation is probably on the rocks.


7. Ben's Insta Has Been Filled With Photos of Lauren and He's Been Noticeably Absent From Hers...

Ben's been posting up a storm about Lauren in recent days. One week ago he posted this sweet pic of the couple. However, her recent Instagram posts are all about fun in the sun with her gal pals. Things have been looking pretty imbalanced.


8. Lauren Referred to Chick-Fil-A as Her "Heart," Not Her Fiancé...

Two days ago Lauren posted this pic at the fast food chain. If a girl prefers fried chicken over you, you're on the outs.


9. Ben Doth Protest Too Much...

Ben refuted breakup rumors and nothing makes it clear that a breakup is on the horizon than refuting a breakup rumor. Also please note how he says he's by her side in the post, but he means emotionally, not literally because she took a birthday vacation without him.


10. And Finally: He Didn't Even Spend the Holidays With Her.

 That's never good.

So what we're saying is, clearly, these two have been having problems for some time. Is it the curse of Bachelor nation or were these two just ill-suited from the start? We'll never know!

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