Tyler Henry and Eva Longoria Can't Stop Laughing While Connecting to Her Family on Hollywood Medium: ''It's Like a Big Party!''

Actress connects to her two aunts in hilarious sneak peek

By Gabi Duncan May 10, 2017 5:04 PMTags
Watch: Tyler Henry Connects With Eva Longoria's Aunts

Eva Longoria's family is leaving quite the impression on Tyler Henry!

In this sneak peek from the midseason premiere of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, the actress' deceased aunts make a memorable entrance during her reading with the 21-year-old clairvoyant.

"There are a lot of women that are all very loud and very expressive and they all come through," Tyler tells her.

Eva immediately bursts into laughter. "My family's all women so that's probably where you're getting a lot of women!" she replies.

"It's like a big party!" Tyler reveals.

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Tyler then feels compelled to hold onto one of Eva's personal objects, an embroidered clutch.

"The objects I brought today are just from somebody I miss," the Desperate Housewives star says. "I just would like to say hi!"

Tyler eventually connects with two of Eva's aunts who are extremely close, but it gets confusing when he mentions an E initial.

"Well, we're all E's," Eva responds. "So, my family's like Edna, Elsa, Elda…Elma, Eva, Emma, Emily, Elizabeth, Esmeralda, Enrique…" And the list goes on!

"So, when you're like somebody with an E, I'm like, that doesn't narrow it down!" she jokes.

See Eva and Tyler's hilarious moment in the clip above!

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