Fantasia Barrino Tells the Story of How She Married Herself (Really!)

Before her husband, the American Idol winner was in a very personal relationship

By Francesca Bacardi May 03, 2017 3:54 PMTags

If you need inspiration, look no farther.

Fantasia Barrino appeared on Harry Tuesday and opened up to host Harry Connick Jr. about her two wedding rings. As fans know, Fantasia tied the knot with Kendall Taylor in 2015, but she revealed she was married to someone else first: herself.

"Before I met him I bought a ring and married myself. That's crazy, right?" she mused. "I married myself because I felt like before true love could come I needed to learn how to love myself again, and so for me I forgot about myself." 

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Fantasia's dedication to other people made her realize that she was neglecting her personal wants and needs. "I was so busy trying to take care of everybody else so busy looking for that love that I was ending up in all the wrong situations so I came here to do After Midnight, that was a breath of fresh air for me, and so I said I'm going to marry myself."

The "I'm Doin' Me" songstress also gave up some other vices in order to follow her mission of loving herself more. 

"I'm going to fast from all the things I used to do. I'm going to focus on Fantasia, and I needed to let God know because God knows what we need," she told Harry. "He just wonders do we know what we need, and that was that time for me when I needed to figure out what I really needed."

And she did just that! Fantasia has been happily married to Kendall for two years and joked, "I'm a great wife by the way."

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