The Office

NBC/Ron Tom

OMG, OMG, OMG. The best show on television finally returns tonight!

Yes, I know, Grey's Anatomy is still pretty darn awesome and also returns tonight—everyone knows that. But I must say, it's the return of Jim, Pam, Dwight, Angela, Michael and the rest of our beloved Dunder-Mifflin gang that really has me all atwitter.

I mean, for starters, tonight's premiere is an hour long. An hour freaking long! And we get four hourlong episodes in a row (as NBC tries to counterprogram the aforementioned ratings behemoth). And I just watched a promo reel for tonight's episode, which is just about the best thing I've seen in months.

So, in honor of the fast-approaching premiere hour, I am proud to bring you our First Annual Official E! Online Top Ten Things to Look Forward To in The Office Season Premiere:


10. Michael and Dwight giving a nod to their spiritual forefathers, Burns and Smithers of The Simpsons
9. Rabies!
8. The Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Fun Run. (And guess which much-loved couple "jam" on it together? Squee!)
7. Michael and Jan cohabitating
6. A bearded Ryan
5. A scorned Kelly
4. Jan and Pam catfighting. Sort of.
3. Toby!
2. Andy in a bra. Good times.
1. John Krasinski taking off his shirt. (No, I am not kidding!)

Feel free to come back here right after you watch the premiere to discuss The Office in the Comments section below...and of course, Grey's, too.

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