Tyler Baltierra is ready to open up about his emotions.

In tonight's season premiere of Teen Mom OG, the reality star appeared a bit distant from his closest family members. In fact, his mom couldn't help but comment on his behavior during a dinner.

"Are you taking care of yourself?" Kim asked her son as Catelynn Lowell listened in.

"I don't know. I don't know if it's [Catelynn's] mental illness on top of dealing with all that and then having to be super strong," Tyler responded. "I'm trying to keep it all together upstairs."

Ultimately, the 25-year-old decided to visit with his therapist where he got candid about his struggle with depression.

Tyler Baltierra


As soon as his therapist Kathleen brought up the fact that his father Butch violated parole, Tyler further opened up in front of cameras.

"At first, I immediately just got angry. I was like, ‘Oh, my god.' It almost brought me right back to when I was a teenager, a kid," Tyler confessed. "And then, now, it's like, okay, I literally have no strength left."

"I literally exhausted it on Cate, and now, you know, I've exhausted it on my dad. It's like, just put my arms down and let the walls just come down, because it's too much. I don't have any more strength. It's gone," he continued.

While Kathleen listened in, Tyler explained how some of his behavioral traits today remind him of his childhood when he was depressed and attempted suicide.

"This is exactly what happened as a kid. I remember when I first started feeling depressed when I was a younger kid, I would just do a lot of, like, dazing. Like, I would just, like, stare off. And these are signs that I remember as a kid, and that's when I tried committing suicide. And, just—yeah, it was the same thing," he shared. "I don't feel joy with things that should probably feel joyful. And I'm, like, super negative."

As Teen Mom fans know, Tyler's wife has experienced her own battles with postpartum and anxiety. As a result, Tyler is hesitant to reveal all of his struggles with the closest woman in his life.

"Sometimes I feel like I'm neglecting myself to focus on her so much. And that's not fair, you know? But at the same time, it's like, you know how she gets if I say anything, so I don't say too much, because, first of all, I don't want to push her into a panic attack. Second off, she overreacts with things and will start crying," he explained. "It's weird, too, because I almost feel like I'm being unauthentic, like I should probably tell her all the things that I'm worried about or concerned about."

Teen Mom OG airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. on MTV.

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