Let the record show: They're not dating, but Adrian is most definitely open to the possibility.

This is what I can tell you about Adrian Grenier and Paris Hilton after interviewing the leader of Entourage's pack at HBO's star-studded soiree last night in Hollywood.

See for yourself how Adrian reacts to questions about Paris in the Vine clip above. To excerpt:

"I think she’s absolutely wonderful. I really like her, genuinely. So, there’s that. Just genuine human-to-human appreciation. But she also has a very unique experience that I’m curious about. It’s an experience she’s been intertwined with for many years. Well beyond the many years I’ve had to experience this sort of celebrity situation. So, you know, we’re sort of helping each other out. We’re sort of mutual mentors."

When asked for the definite word on whether they are dating, Adrian says, "We're not. We're just friends.

"But," he adds with a smile, "there's always a world of possibility!"

That's all the stuff I'm supposed to tell you as a gainfully employed reporter at E! But let me just say to the usual Watch with Kristin readers, I have the most insane, most ridiculous, most laugh-out-loud story that involves Adrian and his date and myself and my date that still has my jaw on the floor!

Hint: It all begins with a moment you can see in the video but not in the text above. Watch it and feel free to giggle and snicker in the Comments section below!

Stand by for more juicy, dirty, hilarious party scoop from my stone-cold cra-zay Emmy night—right in this section! (Honestly, you're gonna die.)

Oh, and by the way, earlier in the night, my E! News cohort Samantha Harris tried to pry the goods out of Adrian during E!'s Live Emmy Post-Show, but he suavely danced around the topic. E! News Now correspondent Ashlan Gorse has that story in the video clip below...

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