Grey?s Anatomy: T.R. Knight, Katherine Heigl

Vivian Zink/ABC

T.R. Knight will be on Grey's Anatomy full-time this season.

I tell you this, because, apparently, there is a rumor floating around—which started somewhere in the mysterious ether of the World Wide Web—that T.R. only signed on for 12 episodes this season. And a handful of you have sent in panicked Q's asking if this is true.

While the show's official rep at ABC says she never comments on the details of actors' contracts, an inside source close to the show tells me this is most definitely not true. I'm told T.R. has signed on for all episodes of the upcoming fourth season and that he never would have been given his recent pay hike had he only signed on for half of the episodes.

As for the storyline, you may remember that George McStupiePants (kidding! I do love him) flunked his intern exam at the end of last season, thanks to the distraction of a certain she-devil who may or may not appear in the picture above. Still, I can assure you he will find a way to stay at Seattle Grace—full time.

I'll give you more Grey's goodies in our next chat, including the line toward the end of the premiere episode that seriously made me heart leap out of my chest—seriously!

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