Posh Spice, America Ferrera

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Victoria Beckham is "very likely" going to guest star on Ugly Betty. This is what the cast told me when I encountered them last night at the Ugly Betty season-one DVD party. (Yes, the DVD is out today! Run, don't walk!)

Eric Mabius explained that although he was misquoted in the British press that Victoria was "keen" on guest-starring (what kind of Yank says "keen"?), he told me he did meet up with her for a magazine gig in the U.K., and she did mention she'd love to come on the show.

Long story short, after a few phone calls back and forth, it looks as if Posh is set to guest star this season, playing—according to various Betty castmembers—a bridesmaid for someone who "was supposed to get married last season." If you guessed a woman whose name starts with a W, well, I think you would be correct, my friend!

When asked whether Victoria will appear on the show, a rep for ABC said, "No comment."  So, it is not yet official. Meanwhile, America joked she's honing up on her soccer skills on the off chance Becks should stop by. Love her.

According to the cast, Freddy Rodriguez and James Van Der Beek are also set to appear this season. Yes, you heard me, the Beek is gonna be on Betty.

Stand by for more Betty loveliness in the next Vine show, with interviews with the whole cast from the big Mode-mag-inspired soiree.

In the meantime, what do you think of Posh guesting? Discuss in the Comments section below.

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