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Hey, tubers! It is soooooo freaking good to be back! I missed you on all those lonely Mondays, and I'm ready to dish the dirt, so let's have at it. 

Georgia in Washington: We've missed you! Give us some good Heroes dirt.
What, you mean like news of big deaths or something like that? I suppose I could give it to you in the spoiler section, just to show how much I missed you, too! 

Francesca in Dallas: How much longer will the Tater Tops voting be going on?
We've had such an amazing response this year, we're extending it at least another week, so be sure to go and vote for your favorites! This is the only chance you get to tell your faves how much you love them before the Emmy voters go and screw it all up.

Robert in New York: You said you are reuniting with someone from Heroes? Do tell!
Sadly, that didn't exactly work out. Masi Oka (the man I met and fell in love with at Heroes' roulette wheel during my nanosecond guest stint on the show) was slated to guest star on Pushing Daisies, but it fell through at the last minute. The good news is that my role is still on, and you'll see me in the second episode of Daisies!

Amy in Portland: Will you be giving us the 411 on what to watch this fall? I need your guidance! Guide me! What is your favorite new show?
As if I would leave you all on your wittle wonesome self in the big, bad world of fall TV. Puh-lease! I'll be coming at you with everything you need to know before the fall season begins. As for my favorite new show: Pushing Daisies! (And swear to God, that is totally unrelated to the previous question.)

Allison in Tallahassee, Florida: Okay, K-Fed, FedEx, whatever his name is—he's guest starring on One Tree Hill?! Really?!
Really really. The CW just issued a press release stating that Kevin Federline, the ex-Mr. Spears, is playing "Jason, the cocky, enigmatic frontman for No Means Yes, a seminal rock band from the fictional town of Tree Hill, North Carolina.  Federline appears in a multi-episode arc of the show." Is this pure stunt casting, or do you think the guy can actually act? Post your thoughts in the Comments below.

Briteen in New York City: Could you please find out whether or not Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer are still together as a couple? I thought their publicist's statement was sort of ambiguous.
I'll take it at face value: I do think the wedding is off. Howevah, I hear the two House stars remain on good terms, which was confirmed by my partner in WWKrime, Jen Godwin. She hit the Hot in Hollywood event Saturday, and in addition to spending about $13,000 between them at the charity auction in support of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation and Alegria (a Salvation Army HIV/AIDS housing facility), Jesse and Jennifer shared a table, chatted amiably throughout the evening and cheered each other on during the charity auction. So, at the very least, they should be able to get along at work, which is good news for you Chase-Cameron shippers.

Diana in Washington, D.C.: Is it true that James Woods wants to follow in Mandy Patinkin's footsteps and leave his lead role on a CBS drama?
I have also heard that from someone I consider to be a very reliable source. However, for the time being, I'm going to mark it down as false. Both a show rep and a second inside source on Shark tell us James Woods isn't going anywhere. Let's cross our fingers they're right!

Gillian in Miami: I heard the Heroes cast sang "Let the Sunshine In" in unison at the Hot in Hollywood event! Could there be anything better? Please tell me you have video!
I don't, sorry, but I can bring you these other notable highlights from the night to envision with your whip-smart minds:

  • America Ferrera, Eddie Kaye Thomas and Jerry O'Connell (the latter two in drag) good-naturedly did a little burlesque routine.
  • Sara Ramirez brought the house down with a bluesy torch song. (Dear Shonda: Please let Sara sing on your show. Thanks.)
  • Jaime Pressly spoke touchingly about her uncle's early death from HIV/AIDS in the '80s.
  • Milo Ventimiglia gave the charity $7,000, because Jaime did a sultry onstage rendition of "Fever."
  • America Ferrera spent $37,000 in the charity auction on a Prius she probably doesn't want or need, so if anybody's in the market for a car...
  • The stars all asked very nicely for contributions to the above organizations, so if you have a few dollars to spare, a donation would not be unwelcome.

Lincoln in Ft. Lewis, Washington: Are you going to be watching Carpoolers?
Yes. And my second-favorite character after Marmaduke (you'll see) is Jerry O'Connell's sleazy Laird. He's so wrong, it's so right. Still, Jerry admits to me he's "a little nervous": "With these new shows, you never know if people are going to watch, but I'm kind of in love with it."

Taylor in Grand Haven, Michigan: Do you know anything about High School Musical 3?
Nope, not yet, but with an audience upward of 17 million (that was Lost in its glory days!), you can bet it's not far behind. In the meantime, you should all be extra impressed by Lucas Grabeel's footwork in 2, because he was powering through not one but two injuries. He says, "They were all pretty difficult because I was injured, but the toughest was 'I Don't Dance.' Two days of hard dancing with a back brace and a knee brace. It hurt—I needed lots of Bengay."

Diana in Traverse City, Michigan: What's coming up on Ugly Betty?
Hilarity. I'm told the staff added a slew of new comedy writers to help the show ramp up the funny. The scripts are said to reflect that, so look for an even wittier Betty this fall.

Marian in Tallahassee, Florida: Lost?
Jorge Garcia's Island Blog came and went so fast it didn't even say goodbye. (He's still posting, but Lost dispatches are apparently verboten.)

Beth in Kahului, Hawaii: Any news on The Office?
Did you see the official press release from Dunder-Mifflin about Ryan's promotion? Congrats, tempy! Here's hoping he's off celebrating with Kelly's big mouth. Wait...that didn't sound right.


Marcus in Idaho: Give us some good Heroes dirt!
One major character is presumed dead in the season premiere (but isn't), but another will die in that very same episode! Also, there's another huge threat targeting all the Heroes that is far less attractive than Sylar.

Andre in Toronto: What's happening this season on Heroes with my hot hot hottie Hayden Panettiere?
Um...Last I checked she was underage. Yes, she turns 18 tomorrow (happy birthday!), but still. So let's call her cute cute cutie, m'kay? Claire's gonna have a new looove interest named West, and while she'll try to lie low at her new Cali school, the raging teenage hormones will get in the way. Hayden's hot hot hottie onscreen father Jack Coleman tells us: "It's fair to say that Claire does have a romance this year, and it's going to bring us into conflict." Mmmm...Daddy's not happy!

Angeline in Singapore: Any more news from Heroes?
We caught up with James Kyson Lee at Hot in Hollywood, and he said, "Lots of things to look forward to in season two, including a new look for Ando...We'll probably move on from the Members Only jacket. And there [will] be parallel times, the modern time and the ancient Japan, so I' the present day, going back and forth between New York and Japan, and there's going to be some kind of connection between me and Hiro...But you have to wait until Sept. 24 to find out."

Amelia in New Mexico: Give us more on the Smallville clonage!
The misdirection you all think you've identified in the finale is not the death misdirection to look for. And we can eliminate Antarctica and South America as Lana landing zones...

Jilly in Salem, Oregon: I need Grey's scoop. I'm dying here. Please help!
George is in truuuh-buuul!  According to Sara Ramirez (Callie), "I don't want to tease about anybody else's character, because I don't want anyone getting mad at me, but my character, Callie, is finally going to admit to herself what's going on with the relationship with George, and she's going to do something about it."

Michelle in Berkley, Michigan: Can George still work at Seattle Grace now that he's failed his residency exam?
I’m hearing he repeats his internship—but this time he's at Sacred Heart with J.D. and Turk and the rest of the Scrubs gang! Just kidding on that second part. But how great would that be? I think George and Elliot would make babies.

Priya in Olancha, California: When's Nip/Tuck returning?
The fifth season premieres Oct. 23, and I’ve got some major news: Julia and her new girlfriend (played by Ms. Portia de Rossi)—yes, I said girlfriend—will be the victims of a violent crime this year. I’m hearing the pair is kidnapped, sexually assaulted and left to deal with the emotional ramifications of the event for many episodes to come. So, yeah, just another happy-go-lucky season of N/T in store for you, for which you will need therapy afterward.

Teri in San Antonio: There's been news on a lot of characters on Ugly Betty except Ignacio (Tony Plana). Currently, his character is still in Mexico. When will he return to the Suarez homestead?
Not for a while. We caught up with Tony Plana at the High School Musical 2 premiere at Disneyland, and he said that things are rough for Ignacio as the season opens. He told us Ignacio is trapped in Mexico because of his immigration status, even while Betty, Hilda and Justin are back in Queens. He said, "I can't wait to get back to my kitchen!" but that Ignacio will suffer greatly until his legal issues are worked out and he can be reunited with his family.

Bonnie in Columbus, Ohio: Any news on my beloved Ugly Betty?
I'm meeting up with the cast tonight at the big DVD launch soiree—whee! Also, according Michael Urie, "[Amanda and Marc] both got dumber [over the summer]." Becki Newton agrees: "I think our characters this season are less successful at trying to undermine everyone."

Queenjaclyn: I want some SYTYCD dirt from Korbi! Who liked each other and who didn't get along? The show is over, so you can spill now!
Korbi says: Honestly, these kids couldn’t be cooler—they really do seem to love each other. But what I can tell you is Lacey and Hok (LAWK) are very much together! Also, Ms. Schwimmer did spill a little dirt: She was really rooting for Danny to take the crown, even though she thinks Sabra is great. Lacey said she had a blast doing the Wade Robson “Fox” routine with her, and she really had to hold her tongue when the judges were dawging it. In fact, as she smiled through their criticism, she was actually pinching Sabra! And speaking of Wade Robson, Lacey told me he was really annoyed with her and Sabra throughout their practices, because the two of them were so loud and goofy. They drove him nuts!   

Karina in Miami: I can't believe Robin would rather date Enrique Iglesias over Ted on HIMYM! Please tell me she goes back to Ted after Enrique's two episodes!
No dice. After Enrique says hasta luego, Robin continues to play the field. I’m hearing she starts dating a single dad, in fact. Plus, Ted’s moving on, too. He and Barney go toe-to-toe trying to land the same lady. But it won’t be a serious thing. More of the "I’m better than you" sort of competition you’d expect from the Barnicle.

Tiffany from Syracuse, New York: What's coming up for Celia's character on Weeds
A big storyline involving Child Protection Services and a used condom—hopefully it's not as dirty as it sounds! Also, Celia comes to the Botwins' rescue during Silas' court appearance. And we'll see Nancy doing a hilarious "brick dance"! Just. You. Wait. 

Tammy from Houston: Are Sarah and Joe officially over on Brothers & Sisters?
Yes, it is true. In an upcoming episode, Sarah attempts to have a one-night stand with a man she meets at a wedding. I am told she is definitely telling people she is separated and that Joe has gone back to his ex-wife. I'm also hearing Justin enters physical therapy once he returns home, and Rebecca is at his side.

Antonia in Weehawken, New Jersey: I'm loving Saving Grace. Any news?
Jessica Tuck is definitely back as Grace's uptight sister Paige. Love the interaction between Holly Hunter and the other women on the show: Holly and Jessica, and Holly and Laura San Giacomo in particular. More, por favor.

Hubert in Syracuse, New York: I am obsessed with Mad Men. Any dish?
This week's episode is Joan-tastic. We learn more about her personal life, and we see that at Sterling Cooper she's more than just a secretary, both personally and professionally. Also, Paul breaks our hearts when he calls Peggy "mouse ears" from behind a one-way focus-group mirror. She does, in fact, have mouse ears, but still.

Melanie in Decatur, Alabama: Dexter is due back very soon. What do you know?
Dexter's murderous tendencies could become known to one of three different women: Deb, Rita or Lila, the new character who appears beginning in episode three.

Maggie in Lake Success, New York: Denny Crane, baby! I need some Boston Legal gossip.
Your boy continues his streak of bad behavior this season. I’m hearing he gets into a bit of legal trouble for firing a female employee whom he deems “too fat” to work at Crane, Poole & Schmidt. 

Jamie in Kentucky: What's up with Medium? It's my favorite show, and it's phenomenal. It's totally worth talking about and keeping around for years to come. Patricia Arquette is amazing! Do you know anything about the new season?
District Attorney Devalos becomes Private Citizen Devalos, attorney-at-law. And the DuBois family is in financial trouble...Oh, and poor Detective Scanlon? He's been assigned to teach elementary school kids about bicycle safety.

Valerina in Fort Myers: As a relatively new mom, I was so happy to have Notes from the Underbelly on the air, but I haven't seen any promos for it in the new fall season. Please tell me it wasn't canceled!
It wasn't canceled. Shooting on season two starts Sept. 17, and new eps should air beginning in January. We recently spoke with Rachael Harris (Cooper) and Melanie Moore (Julie) about the show, and Melanie said, "There's gonna be some babies, and some making out by Rachael." And according to Rachael, "I might even make out with a woman this season. I think anything's fair game."

Becky in Bloomington, Indiana: How many more eps of Entourage will be on this season?
Just two. And they both revolve around the Cannes Film Festival. FYI: I’m hearing Johnny Drama’s a much bigger star there than in the good ol’ US of A.

KrasFan in Tulsa, Oklahoma: Entourage!
Lloyd's ex-boyfriend returns briefly. He won't hear him, but you'll see him. 

Kate in Chandler, Minnesota: I looove Jason Lee!  Any Earl spoilers?
He plays matchmaker at least once during his stay in the all-male prison...

Gimlet in Detroit: I need ER news!
According to Parminder Nagra, "I got trampled on at the end of the season, because not very nice things happen to Neela all the time. And it just gets worse, quite frankly, and she begins to recuperate—no, wait, that's the other...Oh, I'm giving too much away." Hmmm...who would need to recuperate? Maybe the guy who got his legs chopped off? We shall see...

That's all for now. Happy Tubing!

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin, Korbi Ghosh, Michael Berner and Drusilla Moorhouse

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