Jake Gyllenhaal, Late Night With Seth Meyers

Lloyd Bishop/NBC

Jake Gyllenhaal keeps his friends close, and his non-friends even closer.

The Life star appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers Thursday and joked with the host that he and co-star Ryan Reynolds didn't form any sort of bond while working together. (Spoiler alert: They're in a newly formed bromance, even though he wouldn't use that term). When Gyllenhaal finally copped to being close with Reynolds, even going so far as to admit he has his phone number, Seth Meyers challenged him to call the Deadpool star.

So he did, but he took it one step further by opting to FaceTime his pal. Unfortunately, Reynolds didn't pick up the phone. "Put [your phone] away so we can cut around this," Meyers joked of the phone call fail. 

But then something magical happened...during a commercial break Meyers had to go backstage to have his microphone fixed, so while Gyllenhaal was hanging out with the audience Reynolds returned his FaceTime call.

As soon as everyone saw Reynolds on the phone, Gyllenhaal threw the phone like a mic drop. "Wait, Ryan, hold on!" he shouted as he ran over to grab his cell. And that was just the beginning of the fun. Gyllenhaal gave his BFF a glimpse of the Late Night audience, so Reynolds flipped his camera to reveal what he was up to in that moment.

"Here's what I'm doing: pushing baby strollers," he said as his camera turned to his daughter Ines' pram. Awww! Doting dad alert! Gyllenhaal then said he had to go, so during their goodbyes Reynolds left the audience with his plans.

"I'm going to get my lips done, so I'll see you later," Reynolds joked.

Watch the hilarious video to see Reynolds and Gyllenhaal's hilarious rapport and catch a quick glimpse of Ines!

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