Luke Evans, The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Luke Evans made his debut on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Monday—and judging by the audience's reaction, he's bound to be back before long. "Whenever it's your first time on the show," Ellen DeGeneres told the Beauty and the Beast star, "we have to show shirtless photos." As she shared a slew of sexy shots, the British actor said, "Oh, no! Don't embarrass me. Can we just stop? OK! OK! I post a lot of [selfies]. You've just ruined it now. I'll never post another one."

And disappoint his fans?

"This is a very female-heavy audience," Evans admitted. "It worked out quite well."

DeGeneres then showed a video of the shirtless actor singing Adele in his living room. "I'm the biggest fan of Adele," Evans explained. "My mum is on the little iPad on the screen, if you see there, and I'm singing. I didn't realize when I zoomed in it was Ellentube I was watching Adele on. And this is me belting out 'When We Were Young.' This is what I do on a Sunday morning, guys: learn Adele tracks. I FaceTime my mum when I learn a new song; she loves that. She tells me whether I should just drop it then or maybe learn it a little better. Now I sing it all the time."

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is known for making dreams come true, and Evans was hoping that would be the case Monday. "Is this where Adele comes out behind me?" he asked, to which DeGeneres replied, "If only!" Because, as Evans explained, "I know what happens on this show."

"It's a shame you know what happens," DeGeneres added, "'cause she's not here."

Instead, DeGeneres gave Evans a shower curtain that featured a photo of Adele in concert on one side and a shirtless cutout for the actor to stick his head through on the other side. "His physique is way better than mine," Evans joked before singing a bit of "When We Were Young."

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