"And lips, please!"

Scarlett Johansson hosted NBC's Saturday Night Live for the fifth time and locked lips with cast member Leslie Jones in a purposely offensive Olive Garden parody sketch.

Mikey Day played Johansson's partner, while Kenan Thompson played Leslie's. The sketch sees the four sitting together at a table and filming a commercial for the popular restaurant chain.

Beck Bennett plays a super racist and generally offensive director who annoys Jones with his impressions and asks the group to demonstrate different kisses that would appeal to different markets.

"For the Small Town Blue Shirt, give Blond Hair a little kiss on the cheek," he tells Day and Johansson.

"And for the urban market, can I get Sweater Guy giving Yellow Top a smooch?" he asks Thompson and Jones.

"And for one neighborhood in Atlanta, let me see Yellow Top plant one on Blond Hair," he says, drawing shocked reactions from Jones and Johansson. "And lips, please!" 

Scarlett Johansson, Leslie Jones, SNL


The director also gets the group to fake orgasms and tries to get Day and Johansson to laugh at an imaginary short waitress.

"And you're both trying not to laugh," he tells them.

"Oh I wouldn't laugh at a little person," Johansson says.

"But Olive Garden customers would," he says.

Johansson also played Ivanka Trump in a mock fragrance ad and also portrayed the co-inventor of a device that can read dogs' thoughts. While demonstrating it on her pet, she discovers his political opinions differ greatly from her own. They talk politics for a bit and he insinuates she is a hypocrite and also offers TMI about her personal life. She does, however, get the final word in without saying anything at all.

"It's a good thing you're cute, you little dumbass," she adds.

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