Julianne Hough has a packed schedule. She's planning a wedding, judging Dancing With the Stars, launching a new fitness campaign called Move with brother Derek Hough and celebrating her bachelorette party. To keep up her energy levels, Hough makes sure to live a healthy style.

But you've seen her rock-hard abs, you knew she's in tip top shape, so we don't blame you for wondering what it is she eats to keep her looking like that—especially when she's getting ready to walk down the aisle with Brooks Laich! Hough opened up to Self about her everyday diet, and it is as healthy as we could have imagined. 

When she first wakes up, she checks her sleep app to see how well she slept. That way, she can determine the intensity of her workout that day.

Julianne Hough, Bachelorette Party

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"For me, a big part of staying healthy and active is understanding how the things I do every day—like hiking with my dogs, hitting a dance class, and how well I sleep—impact my overall health and fitness goals," she tells the magazine.

Afterwards, she drinks a homemade juice, which she and Laich prepare ahead of time, on an empty stomach. Then she'll nosh on a little oatmeal or steamed eggs. "They're still over easy, but steamed instead of fried," she explains. "Then I'll add avocado and tomato."

Julianne Hough

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Freshly fueled, Hough hits her first workout of the day. She switches up her routine, of course, alternating between hikes, Body by Simone, CorePower Yoga and spin classes. Then it's time for lunch, which usually consists of a grilled chicken salad with quinoa or rice. But like many in this day and age, the DWTS judge can get a little lazy, so she'll order delivery.

After squeezing in her second workout of the day—typically a short routine using a resistance band—she'll have a snack. Her mid-afternoon treat usually is a Pure Protein shake or an almond butter Perfect Bar. After burning all those calories, Hough makes sure to up her protein intake!

A few hours later, Hough sits down for dinner. She and Laich will typically have sweet potatoes, chicken and veggies. She also will try to have "some carb at least, at every meal. I've learned that if I don't, then I'm still craving it and that's when I go overboard."

She adds, "It can be small, but you need that to function."

Based on Hough's fitness level, it's clear she'll be wedding-ready.

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