Lucas Hedges, 2017 Oscars, Academy Awards, Arrivals

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It's Hollywood's biggest night!

And, like every other year, Hollywood's biggest night comes with huge pressure for the stars. Pressure to pick the perfect dress or suit, pressure not to fall on live television, pressure to lose gracefully or win with a killer speech. Nervous yet? 

But before all the tension of the entire award season comes to a head, the A-listers get to let off some steam on the red carpet. And, they go straight to E! News' Ryan Seacrestto do so. Everyone turned up to chat with the host, from Lucas Hedges, whose first impression of the Oscars red carpet was that he couldn't believe he got to talk to Seacrest himself to Lin-Manuel Miranda, who bragged that he got his tuxedo from the same store as high school prom suit.

"I graduated, went to college for a year, and completely forgot the movie even existed." — Lucas Hedges on his life after wrapping Manchester by the Sea. Oh, how times have changed. 

"It's good to see you outside of the gym!" — Olivia Culpoand Ryan are jazzed to be chatting when they're not sweating. 

"We couldn't believe that we were doing the movie together so we were laughing, and we couldn't take ourselves seriously. But we had to!" — Isabelle Hupert and her daughter had some family ties on Elle

"I hate you for making me cry before the Oscars have even started." — the E! News team made Lin-Manuel Miranda a special video that tugged right at the heartstrings. 

"I tried my best to not be an actor; I really tried." —Sometimes careers are just written in the stars, right Gael Garcia Bernal?

"They tried to act really cool about it, but then whenever the actor's turned their backs, they were like whatttt." — Viggo Mortenson surprised his Captain Fantastic costars with a Lord of the Rings reunion, and the reaction was just what we'd expect. 

"Well, I love to work." — Sting keeps it simple. 

"I remember my aunt was here, trying on dresses, and I told her she should wear the skunk dress! It was a black and white dress." — Emma Robertson her memories of Julia Roberts' Oscars of the past.

"It went really well, and I still have no idea what they do. But I know it's important, and I know I appreciate them." — Leslie Mann on the Sci Tech Awards. 

"Wow, can you imagine 27 more years?" — Judd Apatow contemplates being married as long as Ryan's parents have. 

"He won't say it, but he's nervous. He's very nervous. There's a bit of a piano medley tonight that he doesn't know if he can do." — Chrissy Teigen tells us all what John Legendis really thinking.

"I can do it, but I just learned it this week!" — But John Legend won't let her get the last word!

"I've gotta say, this is the coolest thing I've ever been given on the red carpet before." — Pharrell Williams is moved by E! News' gift of stuffed rocket ships for his new triplets.

"When I read this script, I immediately got upset, because I felt a dream had been stolen from me. The fact that I didn't know these women even existed!" — Hidden Figures had a huge impact on Taraji P. Henson (and many others). 

"My mum is cool as a cucumber about all this stuff. She doesn't really care. She's one of those perfect mothers who would love me even if I was a murderer: She would come and bake me cookies." — Can we get in on that family, Andrew Garfield?

"I'm wearing Stuart Weitzman's very comfortable shoes, so I'm a happy woman right now." — Octavia Spencer knows the key to a good night. 

"She has a house, honestly, that you could park a plane in." — Taraji P. Henson has some fancy digs, according to Pharrell Williams. 

"My other wife, Tom Ford!" — Justin Timberlake splits his allegiance between Jessica Biel and the designer of his Oscars tuxedo.

"I'm a special kind of tired right now." — Mahershala Ali on having a baby the same week as the Oscars, in a nutshell. 

"Mine is spray-painted on my face." — Why Dakota Johnson's makeup isn't going anywhere. 

"My mom is constantly on the verge of tears." — Dev Patel's mother is every mother.

Dakota Johnson, 2017 Oscars, Academy Awards, Arrivals

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"I must be some sort of glutton for punishment." — Scarlett Johansson on her upcoming movie roles. 

"I was more nervous getting ready at home than I am right now. That's more stressful." — The actual red carpet is smooth sailing compared to the anticipation for Halle Berry

"He sends you a text, and you believe what he says? He's one of our great writers, but he doesn't write nonfiction!" — Casey Affleck's Manchester by the Sea director loves to spread embarrassing stories about him. 

"I feel like I can play Chess on it when I get bored." — Priyanka Chopra's structural dress kills two birds with one stone. 

"I don't know what he has in store for me, but it's probably going to be ugly." Matt Damon is feeling a little weary about pranks from nemesis Jimmy Kimmel

"I hope she's not wearing really tall heels, because I'm not ready for that." — Jamie Dornan is trying to calculate the height difference between himself and presenting partner Dakota Johnson

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