Jimmy Fallon, Neil Patrick Harris, The Tonight Show


Russian Roulette got extra dirty Wednesday night.

Jimmy Fallon and Neil Patrick Harris put a spin on the life-or-death game on The Tonight Show, swapping guns for a combination of raw and cooked eggs. Of the dozen eggs, eight were cooked and four were raw. The rule was simple: first to crack two raw eggs on his head lost.

As the guest of the night, NPH selected first. The tension in the room as the lights went dark could be cut with a knife, but the A Series of Unfortunate Events star mustered up the courage and cracked the first egg on his head. Fortunately, it was cooked. He was safe for now.

Next up was Jimmy, who thought he could deduce an alternating pattern based on NPH's pick. Much to Jimmy's chagrin, his pattern was wrong and he cracked a raw egg right in the middle of his forehead.

"That is the perfect placement for a broken egg," Harris said as he burst out into laughter. "I laughed too hard. I fear I laughed too hard."

Would luck be on Neil's side, or would his laughter bring bad karma? "It doesn't feel good," the How I Met Your Mother alumnus joked as he picked up his second egg.

But the universe was on his side again! NPH selected a hard-boiled egg and was safe yet again. Covered in egg yolk, Jimmy decided to pep up his attitude with a pre-egg chant.

"Ooga chaka ooga chaka ooga chaka," he said, getting the audience in on the fun. It appeared that the audience-wide chant worked, as Jimmy selected a cooked egg. Because he already cracked a raw one, Jimmy's next raw egg would make him lose.

Call it beginners luck or whatever you want, but NPH was on fire. On his next turn he chose another cooked egg, leaving him perfectly clean save for a few crumbs. The Saturday Night Live alum started to pick up on some of Harris' luck because he, too, picked a cooked egg during the next round.

Ultimately there had to be a loser, but who would it be? Watch the video to find out how this game of Egg Russian Roulette ended.

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