Athletes are used to talking trash.

But many of the football players featured in the second installment of Jimmy Kimmel Live!'s "Mean Tweets: NFL Edition" Thursday were surprised to see just how cruel people can be off the field. "Sports fans—especially football fans—are passionate. They're not afraid to cheer. They don't shy away from criticism, either," Jimmy Kimmel began. "From time to time, we like to shine a light on some of the harsh words people have—for sometimes their favorite players."

The package began with Odell Beckham Jr. Twitter user @Rahooligan92 said the New York Giants wide receiver "transitioned from an exciting new rookie to an extremely lame looking dickhead in an alarmingly short amount of time." Another user, @MileHighKyle27, told Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt he looks like a "fat Macklemore," while @Bencaster tweeted that Denver Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller looks like an 80-year-old man..."from 1974."

Seattle Seahawks' MVP Russell Wilson wasn't spared from the vitriol, either. He smiled as @drnugget said he doesn't think he's "too short" to be a quarterback, claiming, "He's ugly, too."

Thanks to @410_Jordan, Denver Broncos outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware was told his "giant ass head" looks like "a giant Milk Dud," while @Condrarian told Los Angeles Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa he "looks like a dude who wanted to be a magician but his parents made him focus on football." DeMarco Murray and Michael Irvin were subjected to dick jokes.

Some football players fought back. After @YungEmac tweeted Tony Romo "sits down to pee," the Dallas Cowboys quarterback smiled and wondered, "Well, what other way is there to pee?"

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski got the last laugh after @Super_Star called him "one of the dumbest people in the world," tweeting, "I have no problem tweeting this because he probably can't read it." Shrugging his shoulders, Gronk responded, "I just read it."

Terrell Davis, Maurice Jones-Drew, Josh Norman and Kurt Warner also read "Mean Tweets."

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