As Beyoncé stunned the world with the unexpected announcement that she is expecting again (with twins!), the star's famous mama Tina Knowles took to social media to celebrate her older daughter's milestone with an admission of her own. 

"I don't have to keep the secret anymore," she wrote to fans on Wednesday. After all, when you're Beyoncé Knowles, the stakes are sky-high in the secrets department. However, if there's one person who has mastered the art of breaking her own news, it's also the expectant star and her inner circle. 

While the floral shot of the veiled Grammy winner cradling her belly has become the most liked photo on Instagram ever within its first 24 hours in existence, it's not the first time Knowles' pregnancy was the most talked about moment of the day. Who can forget how she rubbed her belly on the 2011 Video Music Award stage? The gesture erupted the Twittersphere, breaking the record at the time for trending news with 8,868 tweets per second.

However, in order to ensure developments in Beyoncé's personal life are announced when she wants (and shock the world at a record-breaking magnitude), the future mom of three has no choice but to keep a tight-lipped crew around her—from her makeup artist to her mother. 

Beyonce, Jay-Z, Solange Knowles, Tina

"They are a close family and like to keep their life out of the public's way," a source told E! News of the Knowles-Carter clan. "Jay-Z lets very few people into his personal world." 

It's the same for his wife of eight years, who rarely gives interviews anymore. While Beyoncé has continued to dominate the charts with her music, mesmerize audiences on stage and keep photographers on their toes as she walks the Met Gala red carpet (only after sharing a photo of her gown on her own social media first), most of her public steps are executed on her own accord to avoid the personal leaks that plague other celebrities. 

Key figures in that plan are those that make the cut into her protected world, like mom Tina and her younger sister, Solange. During one of her few non-musical outings in 2016, Beyoncé celebrated her sister's appearance on SNL by being there on set with her husband and mom. The songstress was already in the early months of her pregnancy, but as we can deduct from the sisters' infamous 2014 elevator incident with Jay Z and the interviews that followed, the siblings are fiercely loyal to each other, so there's little chance of a leak from that link. 

"We love each other and above all we are family," their statement from the elevator altercation partly read.

Jay-Z, Beyonce, Ty Hunter

Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Then, of course, there's Bey's second family—her team. With a constant stream of various appearances and projects, the star is continuously working with hair and makeup artists, stylists, assistants, choreographers, dancers and managers who might catch on (or be told by the star herself) that a pregnancy is officially underway—a sacred and heavy fact to carry in Beyoncé's world.

However, upon further investigation, members of Knowles' inner circle—like stylist Ty Hunter, personal assistant Sam Greenberg, publicist Yvette Noel-Schure—rarely share any insight into the private world of their boss. Sure, they'll answer vague questions about deciding on outfits for the red carpet or the singer's inspirations for a certain hairstyle, but that's where the line is drawn. 

It seems they manage to avoid any personal bait as if they've been trained in the same school as the star herself. Whether a strong non-disclosure agreement or simple dedication to their job is the reason for their allegiance, it all certainly works.  

While keeping a baby bump under wraps is a nearly impossible feat for one of the biggest stars of our time, the final reveal is certainly all the more rewarding. 

"I'm free!" Beyoncé told her team backstage after her 2011 VMA Award performance. "We're all free."

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