Madonna, David Banda

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We told you about the family date Madonna shared with her boy Jesus Luz, and now J's former modeling agent is speaking to us about the whirlwind totally inappropriate romance, which we're totally into.

Check out the juicy deets:

"I think it was love at first sight," Sergio Mattos gushes 'bout the first time the two met at the W magazine shoot in December. "He was a normal guy here. He started to do some shows and was waiting for an opportunity. For him it was Madonna."

Um, car-wreck fairy tale, anybody?

Mattos continues that it didn't exactly take long for M to stake her claim on the 22-year-old. "We did the shoot, and I never saw him again. She loves him and asked him to go to New York," Mattos gabs. "It was something very strong, because one day everybody was like, 'Oh my god, where is Jesus? He's disappeared.' "

Yikes, do we have to add kidnapping to M's majorly full list of sin?

"After he went to the shoot, he never came back. He moved to São Paulo with the crowd of Madonna, and they changed his number, and they don't let him talk to me anymore. He asked me to close his contract and I did."

Jesus is now cozy with Madge back in New York, working for Ford Models. Holy crap, did this guy score or what? Just because M fell in lust with the boy-toy he's got his life set in NYC.

Only down is, thanks to Guy Ritchie, we all know what it means to be settled with the Queen. Is being locked in a cage worth it J?

Additional Reporting by Taryn Ryder and Whitney English

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