Britney Spears, Sam Lutfi

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Woe thy name is Sam Lutfi. First, the guy is (rightfully) labeled nuts by Britney Spears. That's so beyond the pot calling the kettle black there isn't even an analogy for it. So what's a professional moocher to do? Sue the Spears family for slander, natch. Wonder what the reasoning behind that is? We think we might have an idea...

The dude needs money! Bad. We just received a county tax record confirming that Lutfi's L.A. condo is in preforeclosure. Brit's former "manager" is reportedly $18,508 in debt after getting behind on his mortgage payments last November. A local real estate agent confirmed to us that the condo is now in the hands of the mortgage lender to decide if it will then turn into a foreclosure. We're sure they're all just waiting to see if they can ring any moola from the Spears fund.

"It's nonsense," says Bryan Freedman, Lutfi's lawyer. "The Homeowners Association misplaced two checks. The checks were paid." Misplaced not one, but two checks. Are you nuts? As for the Britster, the suit says Sam "still cares" about Spears and only named her in the lawsuit filed for procedural purposes. "The real people denying payment have been the conservatorship," Freedman added.

Umm, sure. We think the real question is, who's next?

The baby boomers are starting to drop like flies in this crap economy of ours—it's bound to hit the big leaguers of real estate soon enough. We're not exactly concerned for the George Clooney's of the world (though Mr. Eternally Single Studmuffin does reside in the Valley, which is more vulnerable to falling real estate values), but rather the jobless status droppers.

Yes, Lindsay Lohan, we mean you.

Too bad Brit isn't still a train wreck or we could totally see L.L. shacking up in B's pool house. Now that is a reality show we would watch.

Why the hell isn't that baby in development along with Ashton Kutcher's Facebook job?

Additional Reporting by Taryn Ryder, Ashley Fultz and Whitney English

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