Priyanka Chopra is back on her feet!

The Quantico actress appeared on Live! With Kelly Monday morning and talked about the injury she sustained on set that caused her to be hospitalized. Although she returned to work a few days later in good health, Chopra's injury sounds pretty intense.

"That's what happens when you get over-confident," she joked with Kelly Ripa and Anderson Cooper. "I got over-confident, slipped and had a concussion. I wish I had a better story to tell where I would be like I was doing these stunts and somebody hit me in the jaw but I slipped on rainy day.

"It was such an anti-glamorous way of getting a concussion."

Though there might not have been "glamor" to how she sustained the injury while filming her hit series, Chopra's accident must have been scary given what happened. "I hit my head on the bumper of a car and then on the floor, so I was rushed to the ER," she explained, but then noted, "I still finished the scene before I went. You can't come back to such things."

Dang. Chopra is one tough woman.

"Then I went to the ER and they did a CAT scan," she continued. "They said I was fine but my brain was bruised a little bit."

Because she wasn't supposed to watch TV or read a book—anything requiring careful focus was off-limits—Chopra turned to audiobooks to get through her boredom. "I had a weekend off with Amy Schumer in my ears listening to her new book because I couldn't do anything else, which was great," she said.

Thank goodness you're OK!

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