When's the last time you used a soap bar to clean your face?

If it's been awhile, you're definitely not alone. There's one brand, however, that may restore the bathroom block to its former, pre-liquid dispenser glory: Drunk Elephant.

You may have heard Gwyneth Paltrow praising the brand's sunscreen or seen it on Kourtney Kardashian's app, but out of all of Drunk Elephant's offerings, the Pekee Bar deserves a special shout-out.

Before you dismiss this product as yet another well-packaged, relatively pricey ($28), "eco-beauty" product, let us rid of you of any apprehension like this bar washes away makeup residue.

Soap Bars Dry Out My Skin: This ain't your hotel variety cleanser—heck, it's technically not even soap. Its pH level rings in at a cool 6.51, so it won't strip away the skin's protective barrier. (For reference, soap is alkaline, with a pH level of 9 or above.) This bar is gentle but also cleans deep...right into the pores. Read: No more breakouts! Even with cream cleansers, you'll notice a little makeup residue after a wash (oh hey, waterproof eyeliner). This balanced bar, on the other hand, removes impurities on first try. It doesn't just move makeup particles around either, like remover wipes tend to do.

If you have dry or even combination type skin, your complexion may feel slightly thirsty after—but, hey, you're going to follow up with a serum or moisturizer anyway, right? Don't make us come over there!

Natural Ingredients Don't Clean My Face Well: Let's be clear: This brand does not claim to be all natural. They are, however, non-toxic—using only "skin-friendly ingredients." This bar—and brand at large—is made for sensitive skin, so there are no fragrances, parabens or phthalates. You are getting a blend of blueberry extract, honey (both antioxidants) and, of course, the brand's staple ingredient: Marula oil, which helps hydrate and soothe. For those looking for a more aggressive cleanse, the brand's Juju Bar does the same as the Pekee Bar, in addition to gently exfoliating.

Cleansing Bars Are Inefficient: First of all, if you're thinking about sharing the bar with a roommate or significant other, just don't. Gift him or her a Baby Juju+ Baby Pekee Travel Duo instead, so they can have a set of their own. Rinse the bar after use and let it air dry.

Admittedly, we have no solution for that inconveniently tiny piece of bar you'll have leftover and may need to throw away. It's annoying, because, trust: You're going to want use every last bit.

Drunk Elephant Pekee Bar, $28

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