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Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson have been advised to bring their poles to the Kodak Theatre.

If that seems like strange advice, chalk it up to Katrina "Bikini Girl" Darrell being in town and ready to dance in a venue where the performers, ahem, utilize poles—according to Kara DioGuardi, that is.

Darrell may have worn a whole dress to Hollywood, but Kara and Paula Abdul still didn't think she had the pipes to compete. But Randy and Simon, images of Phoenix dancing in their heads, readily agreed to send her through, eyes a-googling, on Tuesday's episode of American Idol.

Despite that decision, which set the wrong example for young girls everywhere, 103 other hopefuls had a swell day in the L.A. sun, as well, including audition-round favorites such as Rose Flack, Emily Wynne-Hughes, Jackie Tohn, Danny Gokey, Jeremy Michael Sarver, Jasmine Murray and Nick Mitchell, aka the headband-and-shiny-shirt-wearing Norman Gentle, who everyone but Simon inexplicably loves.

On the other hand, we also saw 43 dreams go poof! tonight, including one belonging to Dennis Brigham, who informed the judges that they suck and then, to Simon, said, "For somebody to be so rich, your pants are very, very cheap."

So there.

American Idol, Slowly Getting Serious
Welcome to Hollywood, what's your dream?
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