Jessica Simpson

Logan Fazio/Getty Images

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We've all done it.

You know, put on an outfit that doesn't exactly flatter us and head out the door. It's just with us, well, nobody cares.

But if you're a celeb like, say, Jessica Simpson, an ill-conceived ensemble can turn the entertainment news cycle into a spinning class where everyone goes around and around about how you look like you've put on weight—even if you haven't.

And you know, there really oughta be a word for that.

Think you have one? Add it to the widget below and see how it stacks up against other people's attempts.

If you want to create your own words, challenge your friends or let us know which ones you love or hate, then click over to Celebrity Addictionary and have at it. It's fun, it's easy and it's practically guaranteed to be the last word in celebrity fashion.

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