Kendra Wilkinson

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There was a time when Kendra Wilkinson wouldn't have thought twice about posing for Playboy.

But now that the Girl Next Door is getting married to NFL star Hank Baskett, the idea of stripping down for ex-boyfriend Hugh Hefner may not be a part of her future.

"If the offer came up, I would definitely have to have a big talk with Hank—and a talk with Hank's family," Wilkinson, 23, told me earlier today.

More Playboy or not, we will be seeing a lot more of Wilkinson and Baskett this summer when her own new reality show, Kendra, premieres on E!. "There's a lot of comedy because I am on my own for the first time in my life," said Wilkinson, who moved out of the Mansion last fall. "I have no one to help me. I have no butlers, no maids, no Hef to take care of the bills—no one doing my laundry!"

Hef may not be walking her down the aisle come the big day (her younger brother, Collin, 20, will give her away, and Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt will be bridesmaids), but it looks like the wedding will still be at the Playboy Mansion. "It's more than likely we will get married at the Mansion, but you know, I think it's awkward for Hank to have Hef give me away," Wilkinson explained. "It just doesn't make sense, because it shouldn't be someone who's an ex-boyfriend."

Wilkinson recently took Baskett to the Mansion to introduce him to Hefner and to help assure him that it was the right setting for their nuptials.

"Hank's so comfortable with things now," she said. "We showed Hef our engagement video and Hef was so happy, he cried."

While Wilkinson admits she and Hank have talked about starting a family, she's in no rush. "I definitely don't want to do it anytime soon," she said with a laugh. "I don't want to be fat for the wedding."

Besides, they haven't agreed on how many children they want—Baskett is aiming for at least five. "Oh, man. I don't know," Wilkinson said. "That's a lot of kids."

As for Hef's new girlfriends, Crystal Harris and twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon, Wilkinson said she's still getting to know them. "I really like Crystal," she said. "She seems like she cares about Hef a lot. I see that in her eyes...As long as Hef's happy, I'm happy. I'm not saying I'm going to be friends with them, but I just want him to be happy. If they were stressing him out, you know I'd be right in there on them."

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