Note to Tori Spelling: Texting while driving is against the law, sister-friend!

Granted, things may be a little different when you are shooting a scene for the CW's 90210 and being pulled by a big ol' truck.

In the exclusive video above, you fans can see Tori and Jennie Garth reuniting for their first day back together on the 90210 set, shooting a scene with Jessica Stroup while cruising down Sunset Boulevard in Donna's sweet ride. (See more exclusive photos below.)

So, question: Why is Donna Martin so well-endowed (now, um, financially speaking)?

Jennie Garth, Tori Spelling

Revolutionpix/Fame Pictures

Turns out her father is a millionaire TV producer! Oh wait. That was real life.

On the show, I'm told Tori's Donna Martin will be a successful store owner who is huge in Japan and is considering opening a store in L.A. According to sources, she's hit a rough patch in her relationship with David Silver (Brian Austin Green).

I'm told the scene Tori and Jennie were shooting yesterday was no big thing, just the girls going out to lunch. Still, as you can see in the video, when two 90210 icons are on set, the executive producer (Gabe Sachs, seen in the front of the fan) sees to it personally that things are going A-OK.

Tori is currently set to do three episodes toward the end of the season.

You excited to see her?

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