Drew Barrymore, He's Just Not That Into You

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At the premiere of He's Just Not That Into You, we just had to ask serial monogamist Drew Barrymore for some relationship advice. (Who else were we gonna ask, Jen Aniston? Please.) So, D.B., can men and women remain just friends, par-tick once they've broken up? "Yeah, absolutely!" chimed a cheery Drew, who looked great with a brand-new hairdo since the Golden Globes, thank god. "Some of my best friends are men."

Barry-babe then started on some other Not Into You goss, but literally sprung back to us to finish her thought. "And when it comes to men and women being friends, it's usually pretty complex actually, now that I've said that!" Drew was getting really worked up over our query—could it be that her recent ex (and costar) Justin Long was just a few feet away from her at the time?

"You know what?" continued D.B., clearly on a roll. "They can be [friends], but you almost always ask yourself, 'If we get along so well on every level, should we hmmm hmmm?' And then you do, and then it's over. But sometimes you can get past that. I don't know. It is complex."

Looks like Drew and Justin are still in some serious status discussions—we'll be here, babes, when ya make up your minds if you're together again or not.

But D's nowhere near done with the dating game 'cause of one or 10 bad eggs. "I like dating! I think its fun. I love the getting ready process. I love the idea that this [date] could be really fabulous, and if it doesn't turn out, then that's OK. Just try it again."

Drew's obviously a glass-is-half-full kind of gal. But just in case she doesn't find Mr. Right, she can always count on Ms. Diaz.

"We were out this Friday, and we went to the Golden Globes," said Barrymore on longtime BFF Cameron—the two blondes are still going strong despite rumors saying otherwise. No hmmm hmmm about it.

—Additional reporting by Becky Bain

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