Two episodes in and Nick Viall is already being dumped. Multiple times.

In tonight's episode of The Bachelor, Nick will go on a group date with six ladies to the Museum of Broken Relationships in Hollywood, and E! News was on set to watch all the drama go down as the contestants were tasked with staging a fake break-up with the Bachelor. 

"We're kind of writing our own breakup story," dental hygienist Kristina told E! News' Carissa Culiner, going on to say she was nervous to end things with Nick as it's "actually first time I'm having a conversation with him!" Awkward much?!

But hey, at least Kristina doesn't decide to slap him during their fake break-up, like Josephine decided to do. In our exclusive sneak peek at the episode above, the unemployed nurse somehow found her "inner rage" and just goes for it. Press play on the video above to see how Nick handled the "painful" slap. 

Previously, Nick had told us the slap, which was featured in the dramatic season-long promo, "hurt" and "was unexpected and painful."

All slaps aside, connections are already being formed between Nick and some of the women, with Astrid revealing that on the first group date, which 12 (!) women went on, "They all came back and they all said they had a connection with him."

However, Christen was a little more cautious, saying she hasn't had the "chance yet" to form a real connection. "We're just being silly...and just giggling a little bit," she explained. "Nothing like, 'Oh, I feel like I have this amazing connection with him right now.'" 


And while it seems Corinne is shaping up to be season 21's villain, the ladies were quick to gush about each other when we caught up with them. Then again, they were only "three days in," according to Christen, who said, "Shockingly, this season the girls are getting along really, really well." 

Astrid added, "We don't have a Chad [Johnson] and we're not drinking as much protein powder! Oddly enough, all the girls are getting along really well."

But Nick is already sensing some trouble within the group of women, telling us, "There might be someone...that I'm not really quite sure why they're here. I don't necessarily try to create drama but I think drama can be a tool to see how people react to certain situations." (Hm...could he be referring to Liz, the woman he previously slept with?!)

To hear more from Nick and the ladies about the group date at the Museum of Broken Relationships, watch our interviews with them above now.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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