Kevin Federline,  Victoria Prince


Is Britney Spears gonna be a stepmom again? Kevin Federline's very regally named girlfriend, pro volleyball player Victoria Prince, may be more like Kev's ex than she'd like to think. Vicky suddenly dropped out of competition in the upcoming volleyball tour after a mystery doctor's visit concerning a "medical issue".

One source superclose to the volley babe tells us she's in "perfect health" and that "the buzz among players is that she might be pregnant. Why else would she say she wasn't able to play? It just doesn't make sense." AVP rookie and Prince pal Cayley Thurlby adds that Vic's going through "struggles...I really don't think she's able to practice or play at this time."

Could Kevin Federline have really spread his seed to a third gal?

With his track record, we doubt Kev has ever even heard of a contraceptive—or at least knows how to spell it. Not only is getting sperminated by Kevin normal K-Fed femme behavior, bailing on a tour is exactly what Brit-Brit did when she was in the first throes of romance with the dude. Sure, she blamed a busted knee, but within milliseconds of cancelling her world tour, she and Fed were engaged and getting fitted for matching "Pimps" and "Maids" tracksuits.

What is it about this wannabe rapper that makes girls shuck their responsibilities, careers and buff bodies in order to carry on the Federline name?

Look on the bright side, Vic, if you are knocked up, Sean Preston, Jayden James, Maddie, Kori, Kaleb and Mystery K-Fed Offspring No. 6 can all share playdates together!

Additional reporting by Becky Bain

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