Jennifer Lopez


Looks like many of you readers have had Lopez Encounters of a Nasty Kind, 'cause we've received hilarious stories from you all saying J.Lo's Inauguration behavior goes way back.

Additionally, a hugely reliable A.T. informant endured a Lo-Blow herself not long ago— check it out: Jenny escaped from the Bronx or Lawng Island, or wherever the hell she hibernates behind gates, and was browsing a boutique here in L.A. The salesclerk was alone in the store at the time when Jen waltzed in, so the gal gave her the usual "can I help you find anything" routine.

Hang in there, babes, for the diva-delish deets:

Lopez, "all attitude-like," said our store witness, whipped her head around and replied simply, if not a bit cryptically, "The best."

Well, everything in the store was pretty high-end (so much so, we've been asked to keep the place anon, so as to protect the posh locale). And the saleswoman asked if there was a particular color or designer Jenny cared to pursue. Reasonable enough request, no?

J.Lo, annoyed she had to repeat herself, hissed again, "The best."

OK now, anyone who has ever worked retail knows that isn't going to get you anywhere. No matter who you are or how much you friggin' get paid for making lousy movies.

So the put-upon saleswoman grabbed a couple of outfits and asked J.L. which style she preferred. Again, Jenny From Hades snapped in the most overly enunciated tone, "The. Best." Lopez then pawed a couple of swimsuits, threw them at the clerk and waltzed into a dressing room. The put-upon woman who was doing her best to serve La Lopez was more than a bit stunned, and before she could do anything in response, Lopez stalked out of the dressing room—angrily, of course—and didn't buy a damn thing.

Whuh happened? Jen, tush didn't look so hot in that bathing suit? Look, you really should treat us normal folks with more respect, because we're sure more people out there have similar stories. Keep 'em coming, everybody!

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