Erykah Badu

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Add Erykah Badu to the growing list of Twitter junkies worth following. If she'll tweet through labor, who knows what she'll write next?

Yep, you read that right. The songstress, along with her boyfriend, rapper Jay Electronica, used the microblogging network to share childbirth with the world.

Using a midwife, Badu gave birth to a baby girl, her first child with Electronica, Sunday at her Brooklyn home.

"Morning, I'm in labor," she wrote in the morning using her screen name, FatBellyBella. She continued to give updates in between contractions and, even after she disappeared (presumably while actually birthing the babe), Electronica continued to share.

"Labor has begun," he wrote as JayElectronica. "Everybody stand back. No hospitals. No doctors. No medicine. We're waiting for the midwife to show."

That was just the beginning of the overshare.

Electronica shared the experience of his baby mama's water breaking and gave regular updates on her dilating and eventual delivery five hours later.

Soon after Badu started pushing, he wrote, "I see the head, full of hair."

Another 20 minutes later, he typed, "Feb. 1 2009 my first child, my daughter born at 130 PM exactly. It's the happiest day of my life."

Badu, who has two children from previous relationships with Andre 3000 and the D.O.C., concluded the tweet-filled day with a message to her followers. 

"I can't believe it's over. Home birth, no painkillers, about five hours, she was a little past due date, but I didn't mind waiting. Breath."

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