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Before Slumdog Millionaire picked up another win last night at the Directors Guild of America Awards for Danny Boyle, there was the star-studded red carpet.

I was there trying something new. I was twittering. It’s almost like liveblogging, but instead of happening in my column at Eonline, my tweets (that’s what they call Twitter posts) are over at my Twitter profile page.

But knowing not all of y’all are Twitter folks, I’ve put all my DGA tweets together for you right here. And in the spirit of keeping it authentic as possible, I have not corrected misspellings, wrong grammar and other such blips (including when they were cut off at the 140-character max). I apologize to our copyeditors, but I’m told that’s the charm of Twitter. It may not be perfect, but as one reader commented, “I feel like I was there with you…bomb sniffing dogs, Amy Adams, Marisa, Josh Brolin, and I got to experience it all from home!”

It all started at about 5:30pm Hollywood time...

* Nothing much happening. Security just asked press to step away from the arrivals. Bomb sniffing dog coming through. Cute german shephard about 15 hours ago.

* Oh, DGAs r at Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel on Avenue of the Stars. Always thought it was funny that L.A. has an ave. of the stars. about 15 hours ago.

* No surprise, but just informed Sean Penn not doing arrivals 2nite. Guy really hates doing press. about 15 hours ago.

* Publicists starting 2 come thru walking down line 2 c what press is here. Most scowl and look at us like we r in a police lineup. about 15 hours ago.

* Fist celeb is here. Bob Balaban. Nominated for directing bernard & doris. He's very nyc. Reminds me of nyc. I aslo saw him at the gym th about 14 hours ago.

* Balaban just told me he made the pic 4 just $500,000! Sarandon and fiennes did not get their usual salary, obviously. about 14 hours ago.

* Director paris barclay says we'ill cry A LOT when we see upcoming pic abt pedro from Real World. He cowrote it w/milk writer dustin lanc about 14 hours ago.

* House's lisa edelstein just hit carpet. She always looks incredible. Little short black dress. Killer heels. I likey. about 14 hours ago.

* Virginia madsen, Milk producers Bruce Cohen & Dan Jinks, Michael Shannon, Danny Boyle...carpet is in full force. Hopin 2 chat w/ boyle. about 14 hours ago.

* Edelsstein tells me she shoes r jimmy choo. Of course. Says she's not ready to be a director. Gonna start producing first. about 14 hours ago.

* HOT james brolin on carpet. His goatee needs grooming. Maybe it's for a role. It sure is bushy. There's freida pinto. Short tite dress. Hot about 11 hours ago.

* Michael shannon also has goatee. Maybe I'll grow one. He's tall. 6'3"-ish. Handsome. about 11 hours ago.

* Oh, edelstein remembered me from globes because I blogged about her telling me security there was like a gyno exam. Ha! about 11 hours ago.

* Michael shannon celebrated oscar nom w/dinner w/ friends and karoake. He says he does a "mean" Sting. He hopes to meet ron howard 2nite. about 13 hours ago.

* Viola Davis. I see her more than my dog these days. Bodyhuggin' black dress. The lady is ripped! Roger ebert here. Giving thumbs up 2 ca ... about 13 hours ago.

* Frank Langella walking by. He dated my best friend's mom in high school. Wonder if he'd be put off if I brought it up. about 13 hours ago.

* Marisa tomei says darren aronofsky made her hurt but felt good. That'sa good thing. Where is her hot shaved head boyfriend? about 13 hours ago.

* Arrivals over. Amy adams rushin 2 ballroom. Lil goldish dress. Hair pulled back tite ponytail. I love her pale skin. Love fellow redheads. about 13 hours ago.

* That's it folks. More later in my eonline column. For show scoop, go 2 for fab joal ryan's complete report. Nighty night. about 13 hours ago.

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