Press tours can give fans a pot of gold when it comes to seeing their favorite stars interact with each other off screen, and Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt's tour for Passengers was no different.

The A-listers proved to fans with one interview that they had amazing chemistry both on screen and off, but even more importantly, perhaps, J.Law and Pratt revealed just how good of friends they had become. As newly minted BFFs, these two kept fans in stitches throughout each interview, late night show appearances and social media pranks.

Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence

Dave Allocca/StarPix/REX/Shutterstock

Here are the five best moments from Pratt and Lawrence's Passengers press tour:

1. Pratt's constant Instagram cropping: Poor Lawrence never stood a chance. Pratt cropped or partially cropped the Oscar winner out of each photo on his Instagram, but she wasn't aware of it. The prank continued for a while, much to fans' delight.

2. Lawrence's revenge: Lawrence eventually got her revenge on Pratt thanks to help from Jimmy Kimmel. The Silver Linings Playbook star tagged a Passengers poster on the side of a bus, using spray paint to transform Pratt into the devil. Pratt used his Twitter page to declare war.

3. Playground insults: Even though Pratt and Lawrence made it clear they're now the best of friends, that wouldn't stop them from hurling mean comments at each other for a game on BBC Radio 1. "I recently told you that you act like Adele sings," Pratt said. "I hate Adele." And that's just a sampling of insults said.

4. Surprising students: As much as these two cracked up being mean to each other, they didn't plenty of heartwarming when they surprised a group of film students in NYC. The group had been visiting the Passengers installation in Sony Square when the two stars arrived for a surprise Q&A.

5. Complimentary co-stars: For every insult they can say about each other, Pratt and Lawrence are also able to say incredibly kind things about the their unique way, of course. "Imagine your worst nightmare and then multiply it," Lawrence quipped in a video for Wired. "If your worst nightmare has to do with," Pratt continued. "…laughing," Lawrence finished.

Could these two be any cuter?!

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