The OA


Netflix's latest series, The OA, is, well, strange. Created by and starring Brit Marling, the sci-fi series came out with very little known about it. The series tells the story of Prairie Johnson, a young woman who returns home after years of being missing. As you can imagine things aren't exactly as they seem.

The eight-episode series is weird. But not in a good way. This isn't Stranger Things. This is frustrating. Below are all the thoughts and questions that came up while watching the first three episodes of the series. So. Many. Thoughts.

How were her feet not broken? Prairie jumped off a bridge and would've died if she didn't land feet first. But she landed feet first, with just some bruising to show for it?

How is Steven not in more serious trouble than a move for expulsion for punching Miles?

Wait, how did she get her sight back?

What is the deal with the witch?

That kid, French, is hot. But how old is he? Oh no.
This show seems very weird just for the sake of being weird.

The OA


How old are the adoptive parents? Super old, it looks like.

Is she homeless in New York? How long was she playing in the subway?

The way he puts her hand on fries is outrageous.

Why would he bring her for oysters?

How long is this story she's telling the five people?

Is Jason Issacs in love with her? The heartbeat is intense…

Does Jason Issacs have a BatCave?

He does.

Oh my god he put her in a cell.

What's the deal with Homer?

Do I care about this show/Homer?

Oh, he doesn't love her he was nervous about kidnapping her.

Pellets for food? Gross.

I need more Phyllis from The Office.

Oh, the knife, it's like her visions

Who puts cabbage on a sandwich?

Oh my god, it's Leo from Smash!!!

Finally, more Phyllis. Otter? Theo? She's so good at looking sad.

Does Prairie need the five people to replace the prisoners?

Jason Issacs is super creepy.

Why wouldn't he tell her not to use tomatoes? Most stews have tomatoes in it.

What's with the purple water?

Did all the people meet the witch?

How long do I have to wait until her eyesight reveal?

Why am I obsessed with the witch?

The OA season one is now streaming on Netflix.

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